This is my enjoyable fairyland

  • One of my favorite movie

  • That is a rather dismal melody.

  • This is a beautiful melody.

  • It just lodged in my mind as a very sentimental song.

  • What seemed to be an infatuation is so different now.

  • Is it the cold weather that makes me feeling cold or feeling sad that makes my heart colder?

  • How come I have never heard this song before!

  • Listening to these old songs, I couldn't help thinking of those happy days and sorrowful days we spent together.

  • Dear, Season's greetings and warmest wishes for a Bright and happy new year!

  • I guess only the one who had tasted all the joys and sorrows of life and had gone through all the happiness and suffering of the world, can really understand the intension of happiness and cherish every happy time.

  • Those who cherish every happy time may be those who recognize they do not need to taste all the joys and sorrows or life, and who have learned to let go of past sufferings and get relieved from the tortures of silly self-punishment. It is not a sin to let go the past and move on; our next episode of life can be a fresh re-write ;)

  • ^.^ Thanks for sharing.

    In the process of learning to let go of the past could be painful and torturous from time to time. It is natural that we sometimes cling onto what once was. After all, we are human beings with emotions.

  • Fair and understandable, and not to mention sometimes people may enjoy in the indulgence of painful and torturous memories to feel they have been in love. Our choices of our way of life and happiness are what no one else can judge. Nevertheless, as we are still in the real world, I would say it is preferable to enjoy and seek happiness from real life than the cyber fairyland ;)

  • Well said.
    When the real world seems hollow, chaotic, defeated......, and the burden of life seems too much to bear. This is a nice place to escape the real world for a while.
    Music is a splendid thing. It can cheer me up when I'm sad, make me dance like a fool, and feel as free as a bird. ^^

  • Even if life becomes so unbearable, you know that life will still go on and on and on........

  • If letting go can be feared as the end of romance, then maybe you should start another lifestyle --- don't go your favorite restaurants again as the next meal may be a disappointment to wipe your good old memories. If you think this analogy ridiculous, isn't it the approach you adopted elsewhere? ;)

    Simply swapping the mindset of the real world and the cyberworld, and then the real world can be fun again. Why not?

  • I hope you would agree that we live in a world of duality, day and night, positive and negative………, just as there are two faces to every person. One that we reveal to the world and another we keep safely hidden inside. Every moment in life matters, as much as I enjoy the bustle and bustle of the day, I live in the moment. I found that I’m more drawn to the tranquility of the night.
    Half-joking and half-serious, in the cyberspace you can be anybody and no-one cares who you really are. Does that sound tempting? Hahahaha...........

  • This is one of my favorite songs

  • Tranquility of the night may be tempting, yet indulgence may only draw us into the swirl of darkness gloom.

    Having said that, communication with others in the real world is always the more enjoyable and fascinating mode of interaction. We have all rights to choose to escape, stay depressed, or any self-destructing means of living (oops, see my presence in this chat LOL)

    Btw, wondering if the lyrics to you should rather be "My love has gone away, quietly after thousand days plus" ;)

  • Some thoughts that flashed through my mind while listening to betrayal:

    "How can I leave someone for the rest when I'm facing the best?"
    --- classic traces of memories from 'lost and not found' cases; memories can be as perfect as we wish.
    Should it have been a 'no lost' or 'lost and found' story, I would bet on a horror to tragic ending. Not that I am pessimistic (in fact, I am often the too optimistic type), but the rosy happy ending outcomes in the real world takes on the minority to rare side of the table.

    "How can I put someone to the test"
    --- an effective way to make us unhappy (e.g. if a woman takes a peep or even hack into her hubby/bf's phone, would you think she will see him making notes of how he loves her or how gorgeous she is? She is merely digging out unhappiness to throw grenades to the relationship, when she finds out there are other real or apparent romances in play, or in the least, that he is not showing the affection and love she expects. The ironic harsh truth is, when and if she does find his obsession with her, it may mean she needs to flee quicker, to avoid the future harm from a control-freak psycho ;)

    No presumptions go with my above thoughts. The song may resemble somewhat the story of you as "him", or "her", or none at all !

    Happy weekend ;)

  • We shape our beliefs from our experiences, good or bad; but unfortunately, sometimes the influences may not necessarily point us to a better life! When I read your posting, somehow I have the passion to share a similar viewpoint, but also with additions from the women’s perspective. Ironically, I understand my opinions may not be worthwhile to share......
    The intention of this thread is quite different than it was two years ago. Now that you remind me of how fragile my love was. I used to think my love for him will never change but as time goes by, my memories of him are becoming a blur. I've forgotten what his voice sounds like, I’ve forgotten the tears I shed over him. While time heals but it also makes me feel sad, how can I've forgotten those soul crushing and excruciating feelings that I had gone through! So shall I have a breakup celebration in its thousand days or I should celebrate that I'm not who I was?
    Secondly, are you implied that women should play dumb and ignorant in order to get what they want out of men? In relationships, ignorance of what’s going on behind her back may keep her in a healthy state of mind, not burdened with worries and suspicion of her man’s infidelity. Obviously, these women aren’t dumb. It’s people like me who are stupid, not able to pretend dumb in order to take advantage of men…..wakakakkakaka........

  • Another favorite songs........^^

  • It is indeed my pleasure if my comments can inspire you to more thoughts, and thanks for sharing more of your story and another favorite song.

    If you don't mind, could we continue via email ( instead, since I do not want my usual non-conventional views to attract hostile cyber bullying or debates in an open arena? A few years back when this site is more active, relatively longer messages in English from (purported) male users will quickly be victimized, and sensible communication burned to ashes.

    Hope you may try understand my concern and do not consider my request an aggressive one...

  • Such sexy insouciance music and its sensuous dance blow away my dark clouds.

  • This film is ravishing to look at and boasts a sensuous musical score.

    See how far I can go before I no longer feel the loneliness.

  • Usually amazing movies and their soundtrack counterparts.
    This classic film is older than me and it's one of my favorite old movie too.

  • It just lodged in my mind as a very sentimental song.

  • I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

  • This theme song makes the whole movie a lot better.
    Love vs trust, which one is more valuable?