我同bf 想試下 4p, 即係2pair 人, 有冇couple 想一齊?

  • 我28歲, 168cm,
    我bf 33歲, 180cm,
    我地都係樣貌中上, 斯文, 不過想試下新鮮事^^

  • nobody replied at 2016-11-18 11:50 am


    Hi Candy

    me age 36yrs old 167 height , my partner 30yrs old 184 height and he is a half Garmen, Im local hongkonger.

    we look both above average and clean. my age might be the olderest one among you, but I dont look that old.

    If you are interested, please leave me msg here first, thanks!


    haven't come here for a while, just read your msg

    how can we contact u and your partner?

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