SL. wanted

  • I Want a ptgf/SL too,how are you?

  • what requirment? Need pay $?

  • There is no request for financial support . Why did you mention about money term

  • Hi Pinkylady,

    chat in wechat ?

    wechat: alan_0608

  • pinkylady

    i want chat to you first

    contact number 97476051

  • Hi, Pinkylady, I'm 28 years old, 177cm, 63 kg. Let's add my Skype : hardlong33

  • pinklady,

    i m sure your post attracts many "hungry male dogs".

    therefore, i wonder whether should i also appy

  • serous? No reply wor

  • Nice to meet you

    My Skype:king98737

  • Hi pinklady....Please add my Skype: georgehomen

  • any one ?

  • sweet guy who loves CUDDLE looking for a SL

    hi ladies, a bit long, but please read through. I dont mind your age, and actually slightly prefer mature ladies. coz my ex is a "mid-lady", she's so passionate. but it's ok as long as u are fit and passionate, age doesnt matter in that case.



    尋: 逝去的passion

    SWEET guy sincerely looking for a GF/SL looking for a lover, a fd, a partner...we love, we share, we kiss...


    I am sincerely looking for a SL now.

    hope that you are the ONE.

    and we will have a few years of time (or more) that when we get old in the future, we will recall these sweet moments in our life.


    could be a GF hunting if end up you and I are a perfect match...but this is never easy.


    prefer you are/do:

    A decent/sexy lady (age not important, prefer slim or sexy, average appearance);

    enjoy sex; (I think i am not bad on the bed ;)  )

    free to go out at will. and enjoy life and like to explore. Other than regular hourly hotel meeting/movies/sing k/finding new places for food…sometimes maybe we can go somewhere else to enjoy our holidays? (e.g. 碧桂園十里銀灘hotel [walking by the beach, romantic…hehe], or Macau hotel package) or we can go somewhere even further away after we established a stable relationship later on.




    Oh yeah, how about something like 哈佬喂, watching sunrise/sunset? Too crazy and juvenile? of coz, these kind of meetings wont be very often...

    the bottomline is wont affect our normal life.

  • Sth about me:

    single and available (but prefer SL relationship more unless for the right girl), broke up several months ago :(

    Locally born and raised, well educated, 5-day work;

    30yo; Average face, a bit fashionable;

    Skinny but not weak, sporty, NOT tall;

    Don’t drive (I know that turns many of you off, but I don’t have to lie… I want a long-term relationship.)

    Skillful on bed (yes I was a Playboy… but after I met many girls, I know I want ML, not just sex. And I need love, I need a close fd whom I can share everything with her…) Safe sex is an important issue to me.

    a non-smoker(dont mind if u smoke, just dont smoke too much when we meet), soical drinker.

    just a normal office junior executive, cannot afford supporting you sorry, and i dont like the idea.  but certainly can take care of the bills of our expenses.  just that simpe -- if u are looking for LOVE and PASSION, please reach me.  but if you want money, Tall guy or a guy drives, sorry, i am not the guy u looking for.


    only skype: [email protected] alvin

  • wechat : niceproman

  • wechat: hellonbuddy

    skype: alexwong960

  • 178cm, 170lbs

    Gym, fireman

    Wechat: 1124310661

  • Morning~PinkyLady, I'm Mark, 42 years old, 175 cm & 155lb, add my WeChat or Skype to chat ok??

    WeChat ID: marksmart

    Skype ID: mark.chan50

  • hi

    may i?

    37 yrs, 173 cm, 155 lbs

    good looking and caring

    bank work with car

    wechat: dannykong15

  • I am 36 yo, 180cm, tall and strong,nice and caring, accountant, wechat:michaelwong2015

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