Emotionally detached

  • How do I stop being so emotionally detached?

    The other day, I had a long talk with a good friend, she mentioned how emotionally distant I usually am. I figured I was always pretty independent, but once she mentioned it, I realized just how distant I can truly get.

    I've tried talking to a few guys I've gotten somewhat close to. The common comments I usually get are always along the lines of "I wish you weren't so jaded", "You're so hard to read" or "I can never tell what you're thinking." I have no idea what it is about my face that makes me that way.

    Friends have told me how detached I am, that I can seem to get by without talking to them or socializing, the longest being 3 weeks without so much as a text to a close friend. I don't know how to open up to them.

    It's put a damper on potential relationships because the guys I talk to want to get to know me. Now, I'm an open book to everyone, I'll tell you every little secret I have to hide if you just ask. Yet I still seem distant to them. Whenever a guy has gotten "too close" for comfort, I push them away and tell them something like "I can't care for you the way you do for me." I've tried so hard, but whenever a guy pushes or so much as feels like he's prying, I inadvertently shutdown and block them out.

    I'd love some tips or advice or something. Thanks in advance!

  • Heaven, so what do you think is the cause for your apathy or your aloofness? your upbringing or some unpleasant past experiences?

  • Everything is temporary.

    Your thoughts. Your belongings. Your relationships. Your love/care/hatred/jealousy. Your house. Everything surrounding you. Everything you see/touch/feel is temporary. Nothing remains. Nothing passes the barrier of time.

    You see a death and you think how loose our lives are. You see a wealthy man and you see how happy he is. You see illness in our bodies. You see a birth and think how joyful and pure life is. But everything has an expiration date. Including yourself.

  • "everything is temporary"

    that's why we need to seize the day?

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