Necessary knowledge of weight loss: 10 ways to speed up metabolism

  • We had wondered why our best friends can eat a whole box of ice cream but did not increase the slightest weight, and we feel heavy hips just tasting the one teaspoon of it? In fact, the answer is simple, this body metabolism matters. Below to introduce some accelerate-weight loss tips here and I bet they will be helpful for you.

    Go outdoors

    Northwestern University study found that the morning exposure with the sun not only helps wake the body, but also keep slim. The bright sunlight can reasonably set the biological clock, including the adjustment of metabolism speed.

    Increase the intensity of exercise

    Studies have found that high intensity exercise can help you burn 200000 more calories in the last 14 hours after exercise. The high-intensity intermittent exercise is more effective for consuming calorie. The American Sports Medicine suggests that you can run for 60 seconds alternately within 25 minutes, do riding and rest for 60 seconds.

    Add some protein to breakfast

    A study published in the European Journal of clinical nutrition found that overweight young women will have better control for blood glucose after consuming a high protein breakfast (containing about 30 grams of protein). Eggs and plain yogurt are a good choice.

    Have a cup of tea

    Drinking tea helps the body burn 100000 more calories in a day. This may be because tea caffeine and caffeine have played a role in speeding up the metabolism.

    Stand for a moment

    At a standstill, the body burns 1020 calories per minute, while standing pose every minute will cause 1360 cards calories consumption. Although it seems the subtle difference, the effect of accumulation is very obvious.

    Don't drink beverage

    According to a study published in the Journal of Endocrinology and metabolism trend: Although containing sugar sweetened beverages contains no high heat, drinking containing artificial sweeteners drinks will affect the normal metabolism of sugar.

    Eat a piece of dark chocolate

    Swiss and German scholars have found that the daily consumption of 1.5 ounces (about 43 grams) of black chocolate every day will make metabolic functions get better regulation. This may be because the chemical substances (such as flavonoids) contained in cocoa play a role in the regulation of metabolism.

    Read a joke

    Laughter is equivalent to exercise and just 10 minutes of laughter can burn 10%~20% more heat than the facial expression does, it is enough to burn off 10~40 kcal of heat. In addition, laughter also helps to keep the heart healthy.

    Read a book after dinner

    A 2014 study found that if women were at a greater pressure after meals, the metabolic rate would be slower, and tired life would lead to weight gain. Recommend reading an interesting book, celebrity magazine, pet or yoga to relieve pressure after dinner.

    Relax to enter into sleep

    A study published in the American Journal of physiology in 2012 shows that the lack of sleep will disrupt metabolic function. Adults with enough hours of sleep tend to have healthy metabolic function, the reduced desire for sweets and salty food, decreased hunger feeling.

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