Young local pilot looks for a long term FWB

  • hey there,
    this is your first officer speaking.

    i am 30, tall, talktive with a wide range of interest.
    like sports, wine, movies, chilling at cafe and sea side.

    not gonna get a gf or wife in a few years,
    not gonna get a fwb from work.
    so, just try ard n see wt happens.

    sorry to be just interested in girl with 23-32 yo, not less than 160cm, and not too fat...probably below 125lbs, tho i depends on your height.

    well...not good to leave my contact here..
    maybe try the email?
    not convenient tho, but i wish to know sth abt you first.

    lets chat more! see wt clicks us!
    have a nice day.

  • Pilot ! My ass....

    Do Pilots need to find girls on such forums ?

    What a shame if your answer is YES...

    I am an airline staff so i know how well Pilots are served in the airline industry.

    Now come back on the floor bcoz you are not worth in the sky with a LIE being CAUGHT here.