wechat group

  • firstly I am a man. I would like to form a wechat group to chat online instead of here in she. Simply it's easier for me. The group is intend to share anything you like, eg relationship, household issues, kids issues (not my preference becas I don't have kids) etc. For sex talks, please save it to individuals. Mature people preferred. Interested please send your wechat id (together with basic infor like gender, age etc) to coffeemate31@gmail.com

    Please also suggest wechat group name.

  • good

  • I prefer to set up a sex Wechat group of 15 male and 20 female to share anything pertaining to sex topic, dirty jokes, and upkeeping the well behaviour of the member .

  • wechat sex group is fine

    juz wonder if a group can contain more than 30 people