Looking for a lady or a guy with my girl for a one off 3P

  • Me and partner is looking for a third party to join us for a one off 3P, no strings attached, we will not be giving out our personal information nor will ask you for your details. Only straight friends are wellcome to join please.

    Whoever interested please mail me your photo image, age and height to ronlam600@yahoo.com , does not need to be naked please, just for my girl to choose someone we are comfortable to play with. We will get into the detail if my girl picked you.

    *P.S. Me and my girl are both 30, and i am quite the standard build and she is very fit, thats all i can say for now, the rest maybe you can find out yourself.

  • Anyone wanna play? O_O

  • Still looking for a few more for my girl to see who shes into. Please mail or add my wechat ID: Flamingoflame

  • Got some already, would like a few more to for my girl to choose from. Please add.

  • add my skype andykwok234

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