SP 有左,點算?

  • 她堅持要生下來,點算?

  • 咁你定要負責, 死緊!

  • 佢話唔洗我負責,總之今次PK鳥。

  • 有咁耐風流, 一Q清袋! haha

  • 咪多個仔/女囉


  • 有左 AIDS 易 D

  • On 尻,條女比得你中出,可能大把都可以,大左肚與人無由

  • How can u know it is yours?

  • 其實我也懷疑不是我的,照計m到第一天搞野中的機會是微乎其微,但無証無據。

  • 入你數,作你一筆

  • Jimmy replied at 2014-11-04 8:00 pm




    重點就在這裡 ?


  • 有信譽既化驗所 驗清楚


    未婚爸爸疑雲 )

  • It is not the time to make any decision.

    let it be.

    you see if there is a chance for relation to be developed. if not. you have to think another way to settle

  • 肯定是有了,不用再驗。關鍵是老豆是誰?

    Zero chance for further development.

  • When the baby is born, there is the information of father to be inserted. Your SP has the right to put your name into the certificate of birth as the father of the baby.Will you accept this.

    You may see whether you and she could develop and get married before the date of birth of baby.

    otherwise the baby will be remarked as bastard

  • she男出名cheap到爆 幾蚊一個condom都吾肯買

    叫你條女去深圳落左佢啦死蠢 重要問

  • 高登 7:29am nov 05, 2014

    she男出名cheap到爆 幾蚊一個condom都吾肯買

    叫你條女去深圳落左佢啦死蠢 重要問

    You couldn't force her to make abortion . so let her to make her own choice.

    You may disregard this and diconnnect contact with her.Ho more contact.

    You might remember to make a will hereafter to secure your property and wealth

  • or you may request a DNA test after the bady has been born but i dont know wether you have the right to request.

  • 如果肯落就無問題啦。落仔不用在深圳,有錢在香港大把合法地方可以搞掂。

    I have told her she will be on her own if she insists to keep the baby but she said she understands and is fine with that, which is scary.

    I am thinking whether I should ask for a DNA test after the baby is born or just ignore her completely. How can I know if the baby is mine BEFORE he/she is born?

  • Jimmy, are you married ?

  • Yes, and have 3 kids already. No need to have the 4th one to play mahjong together.

  • wow, so careless ar, she young ?

    or mature and wealthy enough to bring up the child?

    she single ?

  • Young and single, but many boys around him. Not rich at all. Really no idea what she is thinking.

    I have to admit that I was careless but I still seriously doubt whether the baby is mine but once again, there is no proof at all.

  • jz totally ignore her then, no more connect now

    can't prove before born

    btw, did she know your any background info ? like what company work for, office address, or even home address, phone, etc

  • She knows it. We have known each other for many years, may be too long.

    其實我都唔係太驚呢d,講到尾都是自作孽(if the baby belongs to me)。只是想把對其它人的傷害減到最低。

  • 下一次醒目少少,唔好有手尾跟!!!

  • 射精果下又唔見你話想把對其它人的傷害減到最低?




  • 仲有下次,今次都收唔到科。


  • 可以用嚟做籌碼!!小朋友好有用!!

  • then hard to say, she can do anything and u can't control

    did she mentioned before she want to be your wife ? or say why she want keep the baby ?

  • She mentioned that before but she also knows that's impossible.

    She told me that she wants to become a mother. Maybe the real reason is I am not the dad (hopefully it is the real reason). She also said that she can ask other men to take care of her if I don't want to do so. My response is please go ahead.

  • thats not easy handle, and she knows your everythings

    how old is her ? she lives by herself ?

  • She is approaching 30, lives with family.

    She had a close bf before, almost got married but unfortunately broken up last year.

  • 師兄, 你個畸士都好複雜, 條女又係單親, 唔介意細路無爸爸

    啱啱散左結唔成 (可能因為你), 通常都會有啲成家心態

    你可以做既就只有安撫住佢, 等佢生左先驗DNA, 不過有心理準備係你既就要養埋佢地, 不過你afford 到嗎?

    如果唔得, 即閃吧啦 !!

  • 唉,我都知今次大檸樂。



  • 即閃就只怕佢會嘈到上你公司或者屋企, 到時爆左出黎都煩

    不過可以死口唔認既, 無斷正, 十個月後先再打算

    不過最好緊係可以拆到, 落左佢啦, 再同佢傾下啦

  • 抵死

  • 即閃意思是先安撫佢,等機會才閃(不過都好難)。講真無論個B係唔係我,我都唔想佢衰。佢傾都唔想傾,拖下拖下都無得落了。