Dinner to do 3 points easily make you thin

  • Want to lose weight, the key is to grasp the dinner.According to the survey,there is no significant difference in breakfast and lunch habits between body weight exceeding the standard of the population and the general population, and they are both free to eat some breakfast, lunch is rich. But at dinner habits, 48% of people body weight exceeding the standard eat more rich, accounting for about 10% of the general population than beyond. To lose weight, a lot of weight loss more activation of the importance of family day metabolic capacity for breakfast and is responsible for the provision of daytime power lunch, dinner is often over compression space, or even choose not to eat to reduce calorie intake. It can be said, dinner is in the awkward position that in daily life often is paid excessive attention,but in the weight loss process is too ignored.

    In fact, effect of dinner in the weight loss process is absolutely no less than that of breakfast and dinner. Healthy dinner, can provide sufficient and balanced nutrients to the body , favorable to circulation and metabolism. The right food collocation, can when Kaluri intake is lower, make the feeling of satiety last long enough and you will not have a strong sense of hunger until bedtime , to ensure the quality of sleep and reduce the possibility of eating snacks.

    Point 1: choose good low GI staple food

    Low GI staple food is the food you can not miss, help stabilize blood sugar, the feeling of satiety. The so-called GI (GlycemicIndex), i.e. the glycemic index (glucose), is the food intake in the body into a "sugar" ratio, different from the foods high in GI. Rice, bread, pasta and other refined food we eat all belong to the high GI foods, will accelerate blood sugar rise, stimulate insulin secretion and increased insulin promotes fat formation. In contrast, low GI food can reduce human insulin secretion ,heat generation , and fat formation.

    Point 2: soup before the mealcan thin body

    In Japan soup diet was once popular ,and it is suggested before a meal, eat slowly 1-2 bowl of warm soup, can increase satiety, balance nutrition, help slimming.Soup before the meal from the principle is through the soup to occupy space in the stomach, the equivalent physical diet, but rather than a simple diet, this technique will not let people feel the pain, avoid pressure overeating phenomenon caused by suppressing appetite.

    Point 3: balanced diet selection of ingredients

    The balanced nutrition intake can guarantee metabolism. To urbanite, dinner is the balance of key daily nutrient intake. Because workers early, lunch meal in a hurry, especially lunch, choice surface is narrow, it is difficult to guarantee the nutrition balance ratio. And in the time of relatively abundant in the evening, we can combine balanced and healthy ingredients, choose the calorie content of lower ingredients, add more applications in both heat condition.Magic Slim Diet Pills can not only be a slimming product and also be benefical for body health and balance the nutrition.

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