Calling: ideas to make the messageboard (relationship and sex) a better place for most of us

  • Any ideas please.

    Q1. what do we mean by better?
    A1. perhaps 1.better manner 2. more respects 3.nicer language 4.act "more mature", not "being too childish" 5.'peace' 6. do not take it too personally 7. others

    Some Ideas to start with:

    • perhaps do not cross post
    • perhaps defining better the line between the relationship and sex board
    • perhaps do not kidnap a post from the originator
    • perhaps no flaming
    • perhaps no bulling
    • perhaps no hired writers
    • perhaps act politely
    • perhaps enjoying 'your freedom of speech' without offending 'freedom of others'
    • perhaps allow a moderator
    • perhaps the originator moderate its own thread more often
    • perhaps do not act impulsively
    • perhaps don't just shout
    • perhaps think a littler more, cold down a little bit before you hit 'submit'
    • ....
    • ....

    ... much welcome your calls

  • haha

  • 最緊要其實係搵到個岩key(講運氣),又不要抱太大期望 (凡倚賴運氣的都無話一定成功ga ma)

  • Well... I don't if it's smth good or bad... But I think it is better to post with logins... So we can easily identify those ill manners bastards/fakers. I know some ppl enjoy the anonymous function though.

  • 各取其需

  • Good idea.
    <br>I think cshvan has good start. Real names only, not fake alias. People can pretend to be someone else or say mean things without consequences. Maybe that's why this site is so popular.
    <br>Second, whenever a girl post, all men act like wolf. If there's some kind of filter would be great.
    <br>Most of the people are rude here. Or whether make fun of people than contribute to the post. There are some good conversations, but they are few and far between.
    <br>Good luck!

  • kinsure,
    <br>Good initiative. I would wish u are working for n is soliciting customer feedback; it's a pity that we find less managers who are quality-conscious to find out n value customers' needs.
    <br>I'm afraid this subject ultimately roots back to a strategic management issue (if not the management is already so disinterested with a dead biz, something I don't rule out). Allowing alias, no-moderation, no user control by thread host, etc. should be built-in features that could have been changed easily without programming investments, n thus I suppose they are there just because those who set up the site do not have enough fore-sight to realize the arrangements will only lead to the dying and messy forum ecosystem now. They may originally think the alias approach can help attract more visitors and postings quickly (and hence the CPV revenue), n having no moderator means cost savings. As for how successful this strategy is, we can all see it clearly now, don't we?
    <br>Other successful forums elsewhere have other proper factors to drive traffic to the site n build reputation n participation via the quality of the participants n their posting. That is a slow approach, but will bring success in the long run.
    <br>If I were to give non-high level suggestions instead of the above, I would say some simple changes may help bring fundamental changes: no alias, host control to delete non-sense n cyber bullying responses, moderator to delete improper threads n contents, n if IT supports it - track n block culprits based on their contact details n suspicious IP addresses.
    <br>As users n not their valued ad clients, at the end of the day, our choice is only to quit or participate less when we get annoyed with the mo liu ppl n postings, or cyber bullies.
    <br>I am still here because I'm only expecting once in very long while that I may meet nice prospective friends, esp witty ones who can see what I write without influenced by mo liu n unsubstantiated bad-mouth oriented cyber bullies. Admittedly, in this past year, the fun has been reduced drastically.
    <br>Good luck to, they have the potential as a rare still-surviving animal from the e-biz boom of late 199x or early 2xxx, though I wonder how long they can sustain seeing how it is managed nowadays.

  • Hi Likewitty
    <br>Gosh another long winded response, feel like some attack soon again? LOL
    <br>Guess I am one of those who won't be influenced by mo liu and unsubstantiated bad mouth oriented cyber bullies, as if I had built in immune system against them.

  • 第一件事我覺得應該先禁用alias發言吧,這樣太多人假冒和影分身了

  • Thank you ladies and gentlemen. trying to summarise so far:
    <br>(1) no alias
    <br>(2) real names only
    <br>(3) posting by logins
    <br>(4) filter(s) against wolves (male or female, perhaps)
    <br>(5) encourage contributions and good conversations
    <br>(6) host control to delete non-sense
    <br>(7) don't be rude and 'mo liu'
    <br>(8) at higher-level, better manage these forum.
    <br>(9) develop an immuse system against the nonsense.
    <br>Notes: just to remind as it is too easy to forget, to protect the thread again alias, perhaps the host can, when posting, set to "reply by login or nickname only." Do "each of us" willing to do so? Do we really care? [kinsure reply with login, still miss the fun of those years]

  • kinsure, support, what can I say.
    <br>likewitty, very loverly, to write in full, a mild hug.
    <br>Janice, the bullies-proof, won't you tell us your secret how to develop your immune system as a first line of defines against those virus things, will you. : )
    <br>guys, logins or nickname only, will you? Nice jobs.
    <br>good night.

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