Choices of 5 kinds of low calorie food to eat the summer white legs

  • Many women due to sedentary life, resulting in lower limb obesity, hip, leg fat mass accumulation. Although there are small waists, they also suffered from elephant leg discomfort. Among exercise to remore fat, reasonable dietary choices can make you have a white thin legs. Look, what are the 5 low calorie foods,which can let you have a smooth white thin legs.

    Studies have found that many women bothered about her leg to varying degrees, mainly fat legs, muscular legs, swollen legs, and so on. In addition, dark legs, legs, rough skin, and so on. Want to have moist, white thin legs,you need to do lot of work, mainly in areas such as exercise, massage, diet and daily care. If you do not have time to exercise or due to health reasons do not get enough exercise, diet skinny leg will be your best choice. Eating green food to lose weight on a diet can digest and break down fat to remove cellulite, reduce leg circumference, with slender sexy legs.

    Kiwi fruit

    The vitamin C content in kiwi fruit is rich,also very rich in cellulose, fiber moisture absorption expansion, can produce satiety. Cellulose can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, cure constipation have superior efficacy. Fruit fiber can increase the decomposition speed of fatty acid to avoid excess fat so that the legs become thicker. In addition, kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C,which can interfere with melanin production and help eliminate freckles on the skin.


    Celery contains a large number of glial calcium carbonate, easily absorbed by the body,supplement calcium legs need. Celery contains plenty of potassium,which can prevent the lower body edema.With Botanical Slimming,a lithe lower body can soon appear in use of its working principle of science.


    Cool watermelon, have diuresis elements "base acid lemon", so that the smooth salt with urine, also has the effect of cystitis, heart disease, kidney disease. In addition, it's a lot of potassium, can not underestimate the capacity of its modified legs. Water content in the fruit is come first on the list, it is particularly suited to complement the body of water loss. In addition, it also contains a variety of amino acid with physiological activity of skin, easily absorbed by the skin, have a good moisturizing, nutrition, sunscreen, whitening effect on skin.


    Eating more spinach can make blood circulation become more active,transport the fresh nutrients and oxygen to the legs and restore vitality of the legs. Worry about the legs dry skin, wrinkles appear earlier and you can eat spinach!


    The amount of calcium in apple fruit is much richer than other fruits, helps to metabolize excess salt in body. "Apple acid" can metabolize excess heat to prevent the lower body obesity.

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