Female smoking can cause infertility

  • Harm of female smoking is obvious, there is a common infertility, irregular menstruation, abortion and the influence on the intelligence of next generation. Actually, Electronic Cigarette Double Kit has been proved to have a certain effect on decreasing harm to health.

    It can cause infertility

    Smoking can lower the ability of fertilized egg and the possibility of suffering from infertility 2.7 times is higher. If the husband is also a smoker, the situation would be even worse. Because smoking can reduce the amount of sperm, reduced activity, statistics, smoking couples have a 5.3 times higher infertile risk than non-smokers couples.

    It can cause irregular menstruation

    The nicotine in tobacco can reduce secretion of female sex hormones, resulting in menstrual disorders.Smoking can cause early menopause syndrome appearing. According to a survey of California 1367 18-44 women,25% smoking women can appear menstruation, nonsmoking women menstruation is only 18.6%. Women who smoked more than a pack a day, than nonsmoking women likely to be menstruation twice times, recent studies also confirm that smoking is one of the risk factors of breast cancer in women.

    It can lead to miscarriage

    Smoking women during pregnancy appear 10 times higher risk of miscarriage than non-smoking women, and the average reduction of fetal weight 230 grams. Mortality of the fetus of smoking mothers before and after birth is also high, the mother smoking a pack a day below, the fetus before and after birth and risk of mortality was 20%; smoking a pack a day, compared with more than 35%. In addition, infants of smoking mothers have doubled congenital heart disease rate.

    It can effect children's intellectual and developmental

    Pregnant women's smoking can have a bad effect on their children's intellectual and physical development, children in preschool, will have some barrier on psychological and physiological function, reading and capacity of their students than non-smoking women and children to worse, their height is also lower than non-smoking women's children. Considering from your health and your children, female should immediately quit smoking or try a safer method, Ego-T Double Kit maybe can help you.

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