Very depressed now. Can I look for a listener to hear me crying, please?

  • :-(

    We all encounter difficulties in lives. But at the moment, can you please stop by and listen to me, my dear?

  • sure, i'm here

  • There should be a joke from the whatever God to me.

    The person I have no feelings with treats me well while the person I love badly decided to ignore and leave me alone forever.

    Love is not sympathy but I don't even deserve the one's sympathy. :...(

  • My heart is broken into many many pieces.

    My pride fell down the cliff.

    It is too painful to record any memories...

  • On my own

    Pretending he's beside me

    All alone

    I walk with him till morning

    Without him

    I feel his arms around me

    And when I lose my way I close my eyes

    And he has found me

    In the rain the pavement shines like silver

    All the lights are misty in the river

    In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight

    And all I see is him and me forever and forever

    And I know it's only in my mind

    That I'm talking to myself and not to him

    And although I know that he is blind

    Still I say, there's a way for us

    I love him

    But when the night is over

    He is gone

    The river's just a river

    Without him

    The world around me changes

    The trees are bare and everywhere

    The streets are full of strangers

    I love him

    But every day I'm learning

    All my life

    I've only been pretending

    Without me

    His world would go on turning

    A world that's full of happiness

    That I have never known

    I love him

    I love him

    I love him

    But only on my own

  • oh, sorry for urs…

  • 啱啱比男人呃完, 又即刻上網找男人

    have you ever learned form you mistakes?

  • 因為版主on能9

  • I am not looking for anything here. :(

    You guys don't know me and please be respectful.

    Not everyone would like to show all emotions to friends and family. :(

    Have you ever tried to the feeling of heart bleeding? If yes, please show me a bit pity. If not, please go away and let me cry alone. :(

  • be honest, ur situation is not that bad

    at least there is a person who treat u very well, right?

  • Take care urself

  • Life is such a bitch but don't let it beats you down, life goes on whether you like it or not, learn to appreciate what you have and things that are worthy of your attention.

  • many people not even can find a person to love

  • That was my past tense (my ex) and we ca never go back.

    My theory is if I fall here, I have to stand up here.

    We separated due to some issues. If the issues are never settled, we can never return back.

    And most importantly, my heart is cold and broken now. Do I still keep the ability and the courage of loving someone in my life again?


  • Thanks a lot, Katie.

    I tried my very best to save my love but in vain finally. My feelings are really painful cos' I have never loved someone so badly. I don't even deserve his sympathy... not even look at me or listen to my calls. :...(

    I am just nothing to him...

  • hi silly T, 呢d先真係叫做慘, 你果d.....

  • by the way.... 振作d!

  • 就係呢個時候, 我契細佬googe應該快出現, 用佢流利而無敵既英語, 來安撫這位寂寞中女

  • Silly T

    Sorry to hear what you are going thru right now. Please bear in mind though, it's just a passing moment, and sadness is like happiness, it will pass in the course of time.

    Hang in there and cry all you want, if it makes you feel better. We are all here for you.

  • Thanks a lot, Elize. You are so sweet.

    I am a 'fast come, fast go' person, with the spirit of cockroaches. :)

    Life must go on. There are other aspects in life. There is a passer-by telling me that I can be sad but can't spend too much time on sadness. If not, I will miss other good stuffs (like family, friends, career and own interests) in my life. I don't want to.

    I was just too sad this afternoon and would like to have someone listening to me.

    And the reason for being sad is I carried certain responsibilities as my direct words hurt his pride.

    Anyway, pass by is pass by. Time to refresh myself and prepare for my better future, for sure.

    Thanks a lot for all your care and comfort. :)

  • It's life. U grow up after had this experience

  • ----> my direct words hurt his pride.....

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  • silly T

    you can reach me at 55351228

  • I am as silly as you, no worries

    He abandon me at last... heart bleeding but no way out