Europe Trip

  • I'm having a business trip to Europe, leaving around early July, will stay 8-10 days. Plan to drive around after work, visiting Italy and surrounding countries. Would like to find a lady companion. I'll take care of all expenses. If you're interested, please add my WeChat: KT-in01 (state from please).

    I'm 44, male. Married but available.

  • i guess we know?

  • Wow! what an attractive offer!

    I note that the host holds 61 threads in the past! So, our host is a frequent traveler, so you need to look for travelmate constantly? Or your applicants are too XXX, which makes you need to recruit all the time?

  • 食唔少囉睇嚟,不過要唔要人“帶”嘢嫁?