small incident at lunch

  • I was having lunch at a fast food restaurant today and sitting in front of me was a nice looking lady. I was daydreaming how I should approach her the whole time. Just right before I finished my lunch she walked away and left, leaving one of her bags on the seat next to her behind. I hesitated for a while and then I ran out after her. When I came out of the restaurant I was wondering where she went. I decided to turn left and there she was standing in front of the restaurant entrance looking lost. I walked towards her from behind and tapped her on the shoulder and told her that she left her bag behind. She didn't seem surprised, which was quite surprising to me, and was just smiling at me and saying that she didn't leave her bag behind. She said her bag (a big pink bag) was with her and her phone was also with her. I insisted that there was a bag on the seat next to hers. She told me she would go back and check. As for me, I sort of walked around the area and hoped I could meet her and maybe start talking to her. However, she never showed up again.

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