Dutch Chinese looking for a local girl for fun/

  • Hi, this is Marcus from Netherlands. I just move back Hong Kong for work relocation. Would like to meet some girls for sharing life and happiness.Just pop in and drop me message if you would like to get to know me.

  • Whereabouts in the NL? How old?

  • hey AMS..is it your name indicting the Amsterdam really? haha.

    well, i have been living there for while, but originally from Rotterdam. nice to meet you.

  • Smart you! ;-)

    I so happen to have a couple of friends from RTM, and kinda figure you are from there somehow too. Do you miss the coffee shops and magic mushrooms?

  • oh,i think you are talking about smoking weed. Coffeeshops, not to be confused with cafés, have been a part of Amsterdam since the 1970s, when the Dutch government made a clear distinction in the law between 'hard' and 'soft' drugs. Unlike Amsterdam's fully legal smart shops, coffeeshops have always existed in a legal grey area. Thats slightly different picture you would find in Rotterdam. haha

  • I was talking about the GRASS lol

    Been to AMS a few times but haven't got around to give them a try, next time maybe. Heard an innocent American got himself into trouble when he was bringing back some of the magic cookies back home, thinking these were some regular cookies to make good souvenir. Too funny!

  • talking about American, yeah..One of the major events for coffeeshops in Amsterdam is the High Times Cannabis Cup, which takes place towards the end of November, during the week of Thanksgiving. This major smoking event usually leads to coffeeshop crawls and cannabis clouds throughout the city. haha..interesting ha.

  • come with me next time. Most coffee shops have a menu. Since coffee shops are not allowed to do any advertising, you will generally not find any details posted on the door or even inside. Just ask the person at the counter for the menu, and they’ll give you what you need. A general rule of thumb is: the more expensive, the stronger the weed. For inexperienced smokers a gram of weed will get you high about 6 times and you should be able to make at least 3 joints nice from a single gram. Ask for advice if you are not sure, these people are here to make sure everything is safe.

  • Hey Marcus the High Times Cannabis Cup sounds interesting! I didn't know the Dutch also celebrate Thanksgiving though? Thought it was a NA thingy, no? Do people get super stoned? lol

    I will remember the menu thing at the coffee shops. I've never smoked weed before, what it feels like to be high on your ass really? Do you still smoke weed every once in awhile now that you are in HK? How old were you when you moved to the NL?

  • well,we Dutch celebrate Thanksgiving too, but not in the scale compare to America. It can go back to the story of early America— usually goes like this: the Pilgrims took off in the Mayflower from Plymouth, England, to dock at Plymouth Rock, in 1620, in what would one day become Massachusetts. One bit that’s often skipped over is the period in which many Pilgrims lived and worked in the city of Leiden, in the Netherlands, ahead of their voyage to the new world. But in Leiden, the connection is still strong enough that every year, on the day of American Thanksgiving, people gather in a 900-year old church known as Pieterskerk to celebrate the perseverance and good fortunes of the early American settlers.

    by the Dutch law, smoking weed in public area is prohibited, you normally see them in the coffeeshop, club, indoor areas with open rooftop. But still drunken stoned people have caused chaos on the roads.

    I was born and grow up in the Rotterdam until later I went to University in Amsterdam. My parents were from Canton so I travel between two side frequently with short stay both in China and Hong Kong.

  • Guess what? I actually stayed in Boston for awhile, and saw the Mayflower too but never quite remembered this part of the history but thanks for your explanation tonight. Do Dutch people also eat Turkey during Thanksgiving?

    I only remember the smell of piss (yuck!) whenever I walked along the canal near the red light district in AMS. I guess the fact that people are only allowed to smoke weed inside private property explains why I didn't seem to smell it, or maybe I just don't know what it smells like as I have never smoked it lol.

    You have not told me if you still smoke weed in HK, or you prefer to pass it? ;-)

    I notice you refer yourself as Dutch Chinese in your intro, and now you mention 'we Dutch'. So you consider yourself Dutch, Dutch Chinese or Chinese? Do you speak fluent Cantonese?

  • Thanksgiving is not the most popular holiday in Amsterdam. Actually everybody is talking about Sinterklaas’. Another festival has long tradition in Netherlands which in October.

    Thanks for the expats (not to mention Amsterdam is most popular place for American to live, work.) They brought their culture there. So now you can find those cuisine almost as good as those in the America. Some restaurant offers guests and visitors a real American Thanksgiving experience such as having a full traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Corn chowder, pumpkin pie, turkey and the NFL on television.

    I said “We Dutch” because there is part of story refer to a small majority of people in Netherlands they are celebrating Thanksgiving and we should proud of it so if i am really zany and wacky.haha

    I have difficulty to find a dealer who can sell me weed in Hong Kong, but i smoke every time when I was in dance party..(not those hip hop clubbing, i mean dance party held by some Dutch Djs)Because you can easily find dealer near by you.

    I may think myself as Dutch Chinese because it has been written on my passport as Dutch but ethically I have no doubt a Chinese.

  • Morning Marcus

    I appreciate that you took your time to explain stuff to me, I find it very interesting. Did you miss Sinterklaas this year? How long have you been back to HK? How do you like it (working+living, and not just visiting) here?

  • People are not two-thirds one thing and the remainder something else. Temperament, personality, or outlook don’t divide quite like that. The bits don’t separate clearly. You end up a funny homogeneous mixture. This is something that will become more common in the latter part of the century—people with mixed cultural backgrounds, and mixed racial backgrounds. That’s the way the world is going.

  • I know what you are saying. Truth is here in HK it's not uncommon to see people of difference race. I was told by two different guys (one German, one American) who have spent around 8-12 years that they consider themselves from Hong Kong. People these days tend to have very high mobility to the point that sometimes they get a bit confused as to where they call home. Some of them have 1st and 2nd home, some tends to call the place which they have lived for the longest time their home. Interesting how things evolve in this world we are living in.

  • I'm a bit potty about smells, but never more so than at Christmas. Nearly thirty years of festive memories are unlocked instantly at the merest whiff of Baileys, spitting roasties, spiced orange wafting from a pan of mulled wine, warm dust on fairylights, the faint gunpowdery smell of a pulled cracker and pungent green pine…Oh, what I am talking about? It is Christmas candle. Its always nice experience to have such decoration inside your room during holiday. I bought one from M&S today in central and light it up right now. The smell is great.

  • Hi Marcus

    Been busy and haven't come here for weeks. How was your X'mas?