any lady want a long-term + sweet + long-lasting partner?

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    		any lady want a long-term + sweet + long-lasting partner?<br></br>
    		are you looking for a sweet sex Lover?<br></br>
    		I am also looking for one whom can be very sweet when we meet, but can also pull herself out while we go back to our lives.<br></br>
    		hope you:<br></br>
    		pretty without belly, OR extremely sexy;<br></br>
    		prefer young wife, but age/marital status doesnt matter as long as you are sexy and attractive, wont fall in love with me seriously;<br></br>
    		prefer short girls(under 160).<br></br>
    		I am:<br></br>
    		Easy-going, care-free;<br></br>
    		sweet but wont affect yr daily life/relationship/work;<br></br>
    		almost 30yo, normal face, a bit fashionable, slim w muscles, short;<br></br>
    		long-lasting, great skills on bed, especially kissing and sxxking nipples.<br></br>
    		dont know if you wanna go beyond and share more with me other than sex, such as:<br></br>
    		movies and sing k. or doing silly but romantic things such as watching sunrise(wont be very often, of coz. haha)<br></br>
    		It's optional, it's just few of my hobbies, if you feel more complete to do these activities with me, that's fine, or sex ONLY also fine with me.<br></br>

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  • shecomsamuel replied at 2013-07-12 1:26 pm





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    冇米粥多 姜太公釣魚 ^^

  • anyone want a sweet partner?

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