Mature Female

  • 24.4.2013
    Good morning! dear ladies, I wish to meet a mature person who are looking for friendship. I am a 48 years old gentleman from Hong Kong (single). Please leave me a message at
    Mr Chan

  • If you are really looking for friend then I am interested. But how come sometimes you said you are 46 and sometimes you are 48? Infact how old are you?

  • ic. So what kind of hobby do you have? Drink? Smoke? Gamble? Sports? Music? Movie?

  • Yoga is a great sport for your age. About swimming and running, each time how long will you usually swim and run? Where will you do these sports?

  • Very good, running in the morning time is definitely better than any time in a day. I didn't run for quite some time due to the sickness, glad to know that you are enjoying.

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  • gal replied at 2013-06-05 11:46 pm


    Hi Mr Chan

    May i join ? Do u have any other contact ? like skype or line ?


    hihi gal,

    can we chat?


  • 5.3.2014

    Dear chat mates,

    Good morning. Wish to meet new friends if you are interested.

    You may reach me at

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Mr. Chan

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