serious to look for stable long term support with 30k per month

  • long leg

    iwait you add me long time

  • hi kan,

    i tried to search your wechat id, but it said this user does not exist...and cant see you online msn too

  • long leg replied at 2013-03-27 4:28 pm


    guys if you are just cheating, or bull shxt here...please kindly leave my thread, thanks!

    if i am very ugly, i wont got support with 40k per monthly for over a year.


    without condoms, oral sex+ anal sex everynight OK? I pay you 40k tobe fair.

  • sorry that david,

    i cant accept anal sex, and better to have safe sex with condom.

    seems you are not the serious one to offer, please dont bother and leave here, thanks!

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