I believe ....

  • Though I believe SL is better than SP, I'm still looking for SP.
    Though SP is maining for fun, I believe communication is still an essential element.
    As such, I prefer to have conversations with her before anything happens.
    By conversation I mean emails, not anything instant.

    A brief about myself: 45+, married, decent, normal person
    Expected lady: mature-minded, married, pleasant, with good figures.

    If you are interested, please write to [email protected]

  • I can fly

    I can touch the sky

    Romance comes a day.

  • "romance comes a day"

    before that, i'd rather get to know the person more.

  • sounds like not many people are willing to talk even they are looking for secret relationship. sigh!

  • Utto,

    As the words are on black, people dun love to read with extra attention.

    As well as in english, sometimes, let people easily read and know you be easier.

    No sigh, i kept finding for year, some friends here kept finding for years, some of us had already forgotten how many years searching here.

  • Dilyschong

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    Frankly, when people not even spend time to read words in black, I won't expect they will be "sincere" in sp relationship. Or, ...., sp relationship is really casual one? People don't wanna to spend time to communicate?

    May be I am asking too much in this?

  • As a guy, you are really asking too much.

    As a 45+ guy, its kind of day dreaming to ask ladies to write to you.

    As a 45+ guy looking for sp and asking for emails communication... i dont know what to say.....

    Welcome to She.com

  • "As a guy", sounds like ladies here is looking for a gentlemen.

    Besides sp, I am looking for communication. It needs both to write, not from one side only. Email may not be a good option for internet era? But I still believe in this.

    As a 45+ .... does it matter?

    good luck to me!

  • To Utto and Lady,

    What I wrote 2 days ago,




  • 3 sentences, in what mode, in your hand

    Mode 1: 這裡吹水免費,交友免費,性行為免費

    Mode 2: 唯樂趣無價,友情無價,做愛無價

    Mode 3: 另失望無償,遺忘無償,射掉的精液無償

  • Dilyschong

    When this related to "price", it becomes a bit weird.

    I believe ... sex can make both happy as long as both enjoy it. It has nothing to do with money.

    Friendship, partnership are bonus.

  • utto replied at 2012-07-30 10:50 pm



    When this related to "price", it becomes a bit weird.

    I believe ... sex can make both happy as long as both enjoy it. It has nothing to do with money.

    Friendship, partnership are bonus.


    Yes, you said, weird, absolutely right.

    While if long term, no friendship or partnership, gotta feel abandoned, on a cold corner of the street, on a hot summer day!

  • No friendship or partnership? You must bave started with pure sp relationship. That's what I avoid.

  • I got no definition with a guy, who know what will be at the end of the day!

  • I also won't define who "she" is, just sl sp are terms used in here. No matter what, "she" is still a secret partner.

  • Yes, I called as the mate.

    I look for the Amusing, Amazing, Addictable, Adorable and Attractive one. All starting with A, the best one, not xyz......

  • Contrary to guys, they like Bs.

    Bangs, Big, Breasts, Boobs, Blow, ...

    Im just kidding, that's not me!

  • HAHA, Utto, I all have the 5Bs you mentioned

    Bangable butts, Big tummy, Breasts xA , Boobs xB, Blow @she.com

    + Bla Bla Bla, Bla Bla Bla

  • Haha right, it's not easy!

    You can see there are different views from guys and gals.

    Those have 5As may not looking for these 5Bs.

    what is xA xB anyway?

  • xA = not A cup

    xB = not B cup

    not X1, X3, X5, X6!!!

  • right, do you think those can arose sex?

    what will arose sex besides that? to girls i mean.

  • Utto,

    It depends to who, no fixed formula.

    我是用錢用樣解決不到的女人, so, I am so hard to find a mate.

  • "我是用錢用樣解決不到的女人"

    Sorry I don't get your point.

    There must be a way, although this way is not easy to figure out. (i suppose)

  • 80% of women look for the men's wealth and outlook

    Others, look for who is kind-hearted, or a really good guy, or like the girl most, or like a bad guy, or else reasons.

    You can be notified by how many threads seeking for support, and read what the girls write on the thread. As well as I read from what the men write, and listen what do they exactly saying, can wild guess.

    If worthwhile, spend some time to know and explore but sure, we have to be a crystal clear heart, to accept and give. Not just draw draw draw......

    Haha, I thought of Draw +2 +4 on UNO game

  • I believe ...

    gals and guys are here looking for someone. some looking for one to keep for longer terms (longer, not long). some looking for hit and run. people, no matter which genders, just pick some elements they prefer. May be it's money, may be it's outlook, may be it's something sentimental. Hard to guess and hard to define. There is no rule.

    Give, take and draw. I believe a fair world (or not a so-unfair world). And I believe in equality.


  • utto,

    great, either a long or longer, there is nothing to declare.

    if missing each other so much, it called missing too long, can the second run shorter to wait?

    when turning bad then nothing wanna be restored, it called too long. can the second run quicker and turning away?

    while in a romance, weewee wanna come, can the universe pause for a minute?

    whom put potato in the ass, saying, could the potato be longer? why i didnt pick a cucumber? fxxking gees!

    equality does, haha, amazing guy you are, where are the girls?


  • fxxk

  • DC,

    longer or shorter is a perception.

    if i miss her, i'd rather go deeper in inception to freeze the time.

    sorry not many female here. probably you are the only one.

  • Haha then u hv to wait for more females coming

    But great to wait at least train my patience

  • DC

    yes i can wait. i am not rushing for anyone.

    i'd prefer to wait for someone who matches

    are you a potential one? mind i write to you if ur available?

  • Utto,

    Get known with r page, u like a slim cut but I am not, we better talk here as net friends if u dun mind.

    If u like to talk via email or what's app pls email [email protected]

  • DC

    yes, i belong to the slim-to-medium type. are you of big type?

    Chat in whatever channels are okay to me. most important is do we have common topics. email/whatsapps are for more flexible non-public chats. i am fine with any.

  • Utto

    I am a well known fat c9 here lol

  • DC

    I didn't know that. I'm not active here.

    You have been surfing here long?

    Any insight on she guys/gals?

  • Utto,

    Thx and about insight, great word but people want casual - easy come easy go, means, no string attached. However on sex page, some guys actually dunno how to plug inside a pussy, less and very less professor sex here.

    I Hv insights, so still looking around but I am not a pretty one so.......

  • utto, what do u think a gentlemen is?

  • dilyschong replied at 2012-08-02 10:56 am



    Thx and about insight, great word but people want casual - easy come easy go, means, no string attached. However on sex page, some guys actually dunno how to plug inside a pussy, less and very less professor sex here.

    I Hv insights, so still looking around but I am not a pretty one so.......


    mentally - i believe communication can open a door for knowing each other, though that only limited to topics both like to reveal. i never have intent to dig out secrets or privacy of others.

    "easy come easy go" - yes. i don't think people would like to have a stressful relationship here. aren't we?

    sexually - it takes time to find a good sp, or a matched sp i'd say. not every man can fit your style in first run, nor every woman can play a good role in that. time is a crucial factor, and patience too.

    there must be pretty or handsome people, although i am not expecting a brilliant one. we need to compromise :)

  • Blackbird replied at 2012-08-02 11:05 am


    utto, what do u think a gentlemen is?


    Simple a "gentle" "man". What's your opinion?

  • Utto,

    Welcome to he.com

    While u come, I say welcome

    However I am starting to leave haha

  • no problem DC, people come and go. there is no way, and hard to retain someone here. take good care of yourself

  • anyone believe what i believe?

  • here i am- souly believe with salute

  • thanks DC

    i saw you have a new thread. should i congratulate you too?


  • Utto,

    Keep going, I have been found for one year.


    I achieve overcoming all worse of the worst scenes in my life,,

    These scenes were my histories,some certified stories that I just buried without facing them while they came back again,just like life as a journey,such memories are my precious old friends no matter a heaven or a hell

    I met around 30 of married guys here, three of them divorced

    Only one guy said - my wife supports me no matter he is good or bad so he cannot give her up. Such a great man.

    You could move your cheese : )

  • DC

    affairs with married men are always like that. it's the same if you are married right? happy with him is already good enough, can't expect more. that's life, that's choice, and that's reality. i know this well, and always remind myself what to do and what to treasure. that's it and no more.

    maybe you disagree

  • I married

    For friends we share ups and downs

    For a mate, as more than friends, feel free to share if wanna to

    A bottom line set then no limit above that

  • when both agreed to these "rules", you can find a married man to keep for longer time. i think it shouldn't be difficult. isn't it?

  • I met 30 guys roughly as I told u

    It is not easy

  • yes you told me. you became SL with these 30 men? or only a few of them?

  • Utto,

    Once again sl Is a term for the easy people to do easier work.

    I dun have a special term for the steady mate, I honest telling them as I am for

    Sex page, honest I dun want to be on r page as such sl term finally to sex,and sp term finally to appreciation then neediness then likeness. Finally same thing , but I chose to be on sex page coz I have a very high calibration on sex mood, sex fun and souly sexy hahaha.

    Somehow I had just one mate, ended last week, and the second mate I gut feel can be a second steady one.

    For me sl - sex lover. We all do lol

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