Playful Couple likes fmf, light sm & roleplay Seeking for a fun loving girl or lady to join us

  • 30+ Playful Couple here, we are well educated, good looking, both fit body build, open mind and we likes fmf, light sm & roleplay.
    Sincerely seeking for another girl or lady to join us for fun, we can lets have a chat first , feel alright we can exchange for photos, have a drink and go further.
    We are seeking for fun loving girl or lady who is straight, les, tb, bi-sexual, slave, misstress..anything lets have fun ~ we usually likes to have fun in the afternoon time if you are also can be avaliable will be great
    Please add MSN:  [email protected]

  • same to sophie post , so you girls can add this msn and we can chat there ^^

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