After years...

  • Life proceeds, after years.

    We encountered, we met, we communicated, we felt, and finally we had good times in our lives.

    Fortune was up and down, it's nothing new. Calm days, busy days, damn days, dire days, and now back to square one. Life asks for some fun not because what we had was insufficient but fun is part of life.

    I am here (again) looking for nobody specific, since I do not know where this leads me to, whom this brings me to. Yes, it's adventurous, but is it exactly why it's fun?

    Anyway, here is a thread for possibilities. Ladies are all welcome, and gentlemen, for sure you are welcome too. It would be great if you (lady) are looking for some fun, maybe or may-not-be sexual but definitely must-be flirting and sensational. We can chat, communicate, and more. Yes, I have no idea where it ends up, but here is the beginning.


  • oopssss...

    pointless not to chat here but always welcome for a private one - my msn: open for ladies and ladies only ;-)

  • life is organic, and so is this thread. i am not always online or here for response and that's why you can be creative to bring up topics here. also, that's another reason why i am open to msn, i am more frequently online there.

  • can i sign up?

  • hahaha, sign up for what, dilly? it requires no sign up process here but time will tell

  • pickupartist,

    the virtual dilys admiring u for very long time since mid oct, fine, to u, no deadline.

    i know might be too heavy for u but i dun kinda blind it up.

    romance is our ground base, packaging with cares, car drives and some experiences, finally as fun. fun, once a life with u, never regret.


  • got you, dilys

  • pickupartist,

    : )


    get me, got me,

    got you, get you,

    gotta us, gotta we, gotta be one.

  • 這些年來-張國榮



    任何樣子都可 似雪片掠過星河



    就如重新學做人 你比那過去還要多

    談戀愛這些年 誰可叫我想念




    談戀愛許多年 留低過幾張臉



    全因躺於你面前 至倖免

  • seems some ladies here are fond of singing - why don't we organize a karaoke party? ladies preferred... hohoho

    or at least 50/50 for guy/gal ratio

  • seems the proposal is not welcome... ;-(

  • any funny gathering you have participated?

  • Pickupartist,

    No funny gathering yet! Till didnt meet you.


  • pickupartist replied at 2012-04-13 12:00 am


    seems the proposal is not welcome... ;-(



    Due to no view rates, I guess the view rates, you and me binding a lot, and I posted your thread to my thread already,

    still not gonna help much!!!

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  • doesn't matter as it always come in time... timing is important, it's the wisdom of the ancient king solomon.

  • 古巨基 - 完美的一天

  • 有誰是dilys的fans



    Mucho Gracias,


  • 分享我在很忙的初戀那時,男朋友要去外國讀書,



    他去做part time,那時知道何時會完結,但很享受每一秒可以一齊的時間,


    諗諗吓,初戀那個是真正的Mr Right,二個人一見鐘情+身心靈結合+共同興趣

  • 昨遲人-許志安


  • pickupartist


  • good morning everyone

    do you have any story to share? of course i refer story to those sentimental one's. few years ago i wrote my true stories here and ended up i was blamed and then stopped writing.

    but one good thing is - life goes on - stories are more to come.

  • i know that many guys here and there have several sp's, not necessarily at the same time. one of the interesting things i observe is the difference between sp's in tens of their career.

    one ex-sp's of mine was a professional lady in government. she graduated from overseas universities. she's not from, but in order to protect her, i will not disclose any personal information here.

    i knew her when she was in marriage problem, though i did not know anything about it. from her appearance, no one could tell how hot inside she is, but a formal, mean, cool, and stroppy lady who works 9-to-5 everyday, and enjoys her 30 days annual vacation.

    due to a consulting project she wanted me to join, we met for dinner and she asked a lot of questions about some technical questions on engineering, though i am not an engineer in all senses. then we chatted about daily life, about her study overseas, about her life in foreign countries, about her impression to westerners and mainland chinese's, and hong kong guys.

    she talked a lot, and i talked even more. the first dinner appointment finished with a lot of laughters.

  • the next appointment happened a week after, her call. this time she called to celebrate her promotion, due to my assistance on getting her engineering issues resolved. of course this was an excuse - since she hinted to me that she was not laughed so much with a guy for years. are professional ladies mostly lonesome?

    again, we met for nice dinner, with some red wine this time. as before, we laughed a lot, actually she laughed a lot. as a gentleman, i sent her home. but also as a gentleman, i didn't send her upstairs.

  • any lady has good story to share?

    you are welcome to share here, or privately to my msn:

  • 同我friend嘅,一定支持你- The Mr Right (TM) : )

    你是我有良知之後 真正喜歡的男人


  • not been here for a while.

    i don't have exciting or erotic story for the last 3 years, was in a big trouble and now things move on.

    recalled my puppy love when i was in f3, the girl sat behind my seat, and we didn't talk much. well i didn't talk much to anyone though.

    once she hurter me out of accident, and i was mad at her. she was so anxious and ended up crying in lunch time. her friends, a whole bunch of bitches, came to me and complaint... this is exactly what bitch would do.

    so i talked to her after school and told her i was fine. she smiled and from that on, we talked a lot.

    there was a guy named kwok kept chasing her, sent her a letter every week, even bought her a flower, tried to group with her for some activities, etc. she kept telling me she didn't know how to handle, blah blah blah

    she was very good at cooking, and thus she kept making something and asked me to try... it's the time we fell...

    a puppy love story is perfect as it's pure love. but on the other hand, a puppy love story is not perfect if it is just love. will tell you what we did for crazy stuff next. ;-)

    mind to share yours?

  • pickupartist replied at 2012-06-01 8:28 am


    not been here for a while.

    i don't have exciting or erotic story for the last 3 years, was in a big trouble and now things move on.

    recalled my puppy love when i was in f3, the girl sat behind my seat, and we didn't talk much. well i didn't talk much to anyone though.

    once she hurter me out of accident, and i was mad at her. she was so anxious and ended up crying in lunch time. her friends, a whole bunch of bitches, came to me and complaint... this is exactly what bitch would do.

    so i talked to her after school and told her i was fine. she smiled and from that on, we talked a lot.

    there was a guy named kwok kept chasing her, sent her a letter every week, even bought her a flower, tried to group with her for some activities, etc. she kept telling me she didn't know how to handle, blah blah blah

    she was very good at cooking, and thus she kept making something and asked me to try... it's the time we fell...

    a puppy love story is perfect as it's pure love. but on the other hand, a puppy love story is not perfect if it is just love. will tell you what we did for crazy stuff next. ;-)

    mind to share yours?


    This is so 那些年

  • thanks erica - yes who doesn't have those years? but who would love to recall those? i love to, and i love to share those with others too

  • It's nice to recall the fun ones but most of the time I tend not to be nostalgic on the past.

  • good morning ladies

    erica - yes - but sometimes, particularly when the weather is blue, people become blue

    like me, along the weather, i am always sentimental. recall last night when i was with my pillow, we chatted over the phone and did not want to close our eyes.

    time flies, and now people prefer whatsapp or msn or line or whatever more than a sweet pillow talk, or even masturbate while having pillow talk

    time flies, people change. i am not blaming, and i should not. but sometimes we prefer something we had in the past

  • i mentioned the professional lady from some government department above. yes after several initial dinner / drink time, we always exchange emails and talk over the phone for some really unimportant matters. yes, when you start talking to a person in opposite sex for something not really important, you are getting there.

    we started talking about how to know more about a person from his / her dressing. we talked about investment, and we talked a lot. usually i am silent when i am with many people, but when i start opening my mouth, i am always one of the best speaker ;-), or you can call it bullshxter

    and out of the blue, she proposed to cook - why not! and i actually i like cooking and i love to see a lady cooking (the puppy story tells you my experience on this).

    so i went to her place, and she started preparing something. on that evening, a lot of fun since she doesn't cook very well, and that's exactly the funny part!

  • good morning all

    last night i chatted with new friend from here, good to relax in the sat evening.

    how is your weekend?

    i recalled that i would have fun on ever weekend previously, dated with food, drink, car ride, and then ... ;-)

    how about yours?

  • Very nice. Support ^^

    Time fles, but he is still on my mind.

  • last night, i was pretty blue in a lonely sunday evening. i listened "always on my mind", the version by elvis presley, again and again... can't afford not to fall again. i am not the person indulging in the past always, but if you really had some good time with some girls, and now you can't be together, what would you do?

    maybe I didn't treat you

    quite as good as I should have

    maybe I didn't love you

    quite as often as I could have

    little things I should have said and done

    i just never took the time

    you were always on my mind

    you were always on my mind

    tell me, tell me that your sweet love hasn't died

    give me, give me one more chance

    to keep you satisfied, satisfied

    maybe I didn't hold you

    all those lonely, lonely times

    and I guess I never told you

    i'm so happy that you're mine

    if I make you feel second best

    girl, I'm sorry I was blind

    you were always on my mind

    you were always on my mind

  • thanks sexy-girl for your support

    without some eternal love experience, you would not recall. the most scary thing you scare is forget. when a person becomes so forgetful, it's horrible.

    but the reality is, no matter how unforgetful the experience is, life goes on. no matter how dramatic the story is, life continues.

    i don't know if your story is dramatic as mine, but still to you, it can make you fly.

    my most dramatic story in my life is - i met a girl from here many years ago, getting very close to marry, and ended up she was forced by his billionaire dad to marry to a middle eastern guy as his fourth wife, and drowned in australia, died in her 24.

  • sorry for posting some blue messages in an early morning of a week.

    let me go back to the story above, re the government lady.

    we cooked and i stood behind her, hugged you around the waist and prepared the ingredient together. she couldn't resist and turned around her head and printed her lips on mine. just a light one, but the sweetness melted both of us.

    we were getting more and more body touch in the process of cooking. as usual, she had some red wine, her preference is grampians from victoria but i am more on heathcote.

    anyway, as a gentleman, of course i volunteered to clean all dishes, and she just stood and stared at me to help. after a tiring evening, we finally sat down on her favorite italian domus couch, and continued to enjoyed the red wine. it was pretty tiring actually.

    she put her head on my shoulder, and i turned my head to her, looked into her eyes, and slowly moved my head to her, and we kissed... her tongue quickly rolled into my mouth, and i couldn't help but sxxked it a bit

  • 好情深,讚!


  • kiki - 多謝,其實,情深的說話,還未曾講。


  • the last piece of story told that we had a good kiss after self-cooked dinner and some nice wine. we hugged on the couch and enjoyed the kiss for long long time, like forever. do you believe relativity works while you are in such an occasion?

    after a very difficult attempt my lips left hers, and went to her face, forehead, and ears. i wet her ears, and smelt her perfume, which made me horny. don't blame me as i am an ordinary man, and i found i am not an ordinary man in ordinary sense, since i did something ordinary man would not do under such a circumstance - i slightly pushed her away and stopped!

    don't get me wrong - she's flirting, sexy, and hot; and i am sure she likes me a lot. i am not philosophical at that moment to distinguish love from like. but i have to make sure she knew what she's doing as she's married.

    she looked at me with some fuzzy eye sight, it told me she didn't understand why i stopped that. after 10 seconds, i decided not to ask anything but left with a memory for both of us.

    i told her i should get going. she didn't say anything but smiled, and sent me out.

    sometimes you are proud of something you did not do but not something you did. in later stage i found my decision in that evening was absolutely correct.

    she called me a week later and in the call i heard her crying voice - she simply asked "why did you do that?" i replied very sensibly "because of your own good. i need to know you know what you are doing. you are married."

    and she said, "separated, i am separated before our last appointment."


  • pickupartist u know, i was thinking about the same song while i was posting my msg. here ^^

    my story is just an ordinary one...... 6 yrs ago, i met my man here, and our relationship have just lasted for 4 yrs, we ended it because he got married.

    btw, i love to read ur story, so romantic and touching

  • yes, time flies, after about 26 years since I first met her, and she is still in my mind, I am still using her name and phone number for all my password, e.g., emails, bank cards, everything, for almost 25 years, never changed

    we are so close but we just haven't bumped into each other for the past 20 something years since we broke up, I really hope she has a perfect life, my life is just a mess

  • good morning all

    what a pity - is it's problem? i could have no way to get onto this board at night but without any problem to do so in day time. anyway.

    sexy-girl - what a coincidence! perhaps i should say i see through your soul when i read your post, though this is not entirely true, it's not entirely untrue.

    do you find it odd that something / someone we cannot hold it last stores in our memory most? on the other hand, something / someone stands next to us all the time we forgot most of the time? is it ironical?

    people used to ask us to seize those you have, but they are simply not romantic enough - i would rather say - love those you have, but passionate about those you can't have ;-)

  • simon - you are a gent with passionate love

  • story continues ...

    i was stuck while i heard that, and my mind was a total mess. for over 2 minutes, i couldn't say a word, and i just said after long silence " are you okay?" "i was, but i am not now." she replied, and then she hanged up.

    "what does that mean?" i wondered. frankly, i didn't think too much and didn't want to since unrealistic imagination doesn't really help. sometimes i have to admit that i am more than rational than most people.

    without any connection for another 2 weeks, i missed her more and more. i couldn't tell why, perhaps i worried her a lot, perhaps i missed our last date, or perhaps i filled my mind with an unanswered question on her situation. the reason wasn't that important, but i have to check if she's okay.

    so i decided to call her - and for another 2 weeks, her phone was off.

    you can imagine how you feel if you really want to be in touch with someone and you have no way to. this feeling is particularly difficult to describe when the one you intend to contact is an opposite sex person.

    one day, my phone rang - without any caller id. and i picked up the phone without any expectation - these phone calls from advertising companies are more than enough and you can't ignore it - that's the bad part. and her voice popped up! cheerfully! and she spoke a lot like a machine gun, "hey do you miss me? hehehe... i was in sydney for the last 2 weeks... bought something for you... " blah blah blah...

    the first time i love someone's blah blah blah, and i was like a dump guy, holding the phone, with some laughter, without a word.

  • we had another cooking time, finally we decided. and this time, i cooked.

    don't look down upon my cooking, i am pretty professional, from an unprofessional point of view. and i am a real professional in dining, as everybody does, i eat for many years, many times, and i am very picky occasionally. without a good tongue, you can't cook well; just like without a good ear, you can't sing well. (next time please remind me to tell you another story about another girl on singing)

    so i bought something very simple from citysuper, and went to her place. i am a believer in "the simplest the best" policy. i just selected a good wine, good steak, and some simple vegetable. and actually we both knew form our deep heart that we didn't need any food that night. something else we were longing for.

    so the steak was not consumed, we made some salad with boiled eggs (yes i am an egg freak) and vegetable. we took some salad, and enjoyed the red wine. she told me a lot about her trip, and showed me a lot of pictures. she went there for a business trip, and stayed behind to pay a visit to some friends. yes she obtained her degree from australia.

    we laughed until feeling tired with our cheeks. then i asked out of the blue "what's going on with your hubby?"

    she replied without any smile "i don't want to drag along and pretend i can keep staying with him, so i signed the paper."

    "i don't understand, i mean, did he do something very wrong?" i was curious.

    she responded, "no, and actually he treated me very well, he showed a lot of patience. but i just found i can't go on any longer."

    "well, it's your decision, but i still don't understand..."

    she interrupted "do you really need to understand? what exactly you want to understand."

    "okay, let me put it straight. do you separate with him because of me?" i took a deep breathe.

    she kept silence for one minute. and this minute was like a century. she picked up the glass, drank some wine, and put it down. came and sat next to me. i could see she swallowed, and kissed on my lips.

    i was surprised and stunned, and then i found she closed her eyes while kissing. i knew she was more courageous than i was. she tried to give me her answer by action. i then kissed back, and our kissing got more passionate this time.

    we hugged tightly, kissed and tasted the lips of each other, and to the tongue, we wanted to swallowed it. her hands embraced me, and my hands touched her neck, very gently...

    i started kissing her neck, and she breathed deeper, and started some low voice moaning. i couldn't resist, and kissed down from her neck, and she quickly took off her jacket, and my lips printed on her boobs, and smelled like a baby.

    she whispered at my ear, "make love with me, and this is my answer to your last question."

    many years ago another girl friend of mine once told me, men usually think without their penis. i now know how to respond to that. it is because women like men to do so.

    we went to the bed room, i took off my pants, and helped her to do the same. we hugged and kissed again on the bed. my dick was like a hot steel. and we didn't care and just grabbed what we wanted. my mouth sxxked on her tits, tongue rolling on her nipples, and enjoying the music from her mouth. and she couldn't resist but rub my hot steel rod, and finally i pushed her on the bed, opened her legs, and she at that second was mine, since ever.

    how do you describe the feeling for two become one? my hot steel rod was entirely in a warm, watery, mystery, and soft place. her face told me she's painful, but her mouth spoke "please don't stop". is it the nature of female of being self-contradictory?

    we hugged very tightly, even forcefully, and my waist couldn't stop moving with a rhythm like a motor. she loved the motion by giving me response like "arrrrr... arrrr... come on... don't stop, honey..."

    i was on top, and after some time (people, don't tell me you can last 15 minutes, etc. it's all bullshxt! who would count the time in a scene like this?), the motion was on going, i stared at her, and my hot stuff still moved back and forth, and my ear kept enjoying the music.

    "arrrr... i can't resist more, and i am coming, ... do you love me... arrrr..."

    "i don't know why i don't enjoy and even hate this with him." her first word after our first sex. i was still sweating, and she lay on me as i am like her pillow. "but i was struggling for the last 2 weeks, since i found i love you to do this to me. i wonder if i am psycho..."

    "yes!" i replied.

    and she watched me with curiosity, "really."

    "we are. we both are psycho." i said.

  • Pickupartist

    很自然浪漫的一夜,難怪你如此難忘. good for both of yours!

  • Long Time No See here : )

    I was recommended by my friend last night to come to yr thread, so I drop a line here no matter how busy I am.

    Yr stories just encourage me to be lovely again LOL, hopefully I can meet an adorable one, enjoy sunplay with soda : )

    Few weeks ago, a guy, who we struggled for 10 yrs before I had been to (I gave him up then I went, during the process, I met a guy, the nose looks exactly the same with his, and another guy, with same bday and 70% appearance same!! - At same main course, 3 guys were great! The best 3 guys in my life! How can I say?)

    Back to the conversation with that guy, on a sunny day as today, he said he was sick, and very dizzy so he couldnt drive. He got on a bus and called me. He asked where I am and he wanna see me much! We, didnt meet for 14 months.

    While I met him, I got drinks to my car, and I said, Hi, Long Time No see! He asked, how long we hadnt been met? I said, more than 1 year! He said, I really dunno it is so long, 1 year passed so quickly! (Does he miss me everyday? I was, 9 out of 10 days during the 10 yrs!!!!)

    I picked him up and drove him to the seaside, we did have canned drink as 10 yrs ago, we used to go to parks and beaches, talked and talked, then hug n kiss n dididadadada. That sunny day, I told him about 2-5 mins guys stories, and no money to pay room charge guy story, my Mr Right (TM) story and my only official mate @ story. His wife called, and said planning to eat out with him, in 45 mins conversation, I sent him back to bus stop, as I better go to meet my friend then drove him home!!!!! My friend was waiting for me anyway.

    While I was driving the way, so Sunny and Beautiful! He said, 你信唔信鍾意左人自己會唔知, I said, I like only 3 guys in my life. He said, 我愛你, I said, 我完全唔明你講什麼 (I wanna focus on driving - on Chatham Road South Car racing and lines cutting!!!)


  • pickupartist


    see you there ^^

  • These stories are only touching because they were in the past, and you were young back then.

  • pua

    u sounded exactly like a pua's to me. n also u should be an erotic novelist. lol........congrat