why so many singles in HK??

  • Hi,

    I am living in Hk and I’ve always wondered about why so many people in HK are single…seriously.
    I am single too and I think that I have no chance to find a man since I am busy everyday and never go out like most of women in HK.

    Well just to say that after some searches on the Web, I have found a new website to meet Singles based in HK, many foreigners there, everything is free (compared to Lovestruck or HKCupid) and the quality of talks is far from being bad so I recommend it: the name is Chooseyourman
    ( www.chooseyourman.com ).

    I read they want to focus on Expats and create a big community there so I just share with you.


  • This is an ad or a thread?

  • 死蠢!!!!!!!!!!