Cold sleepless night

  • Its only 10 degrees here in this Saturday night.

    This isn't my favorite weather. Dry and cold. Winter winds spearing into my skin, and heart. I want to shut the window but I slowly suffocate and suddenly find I need to breathe voluntarily.

    I cannot sleep tonight, suffering from dehydration and it feels like my lips are going to crack. I don't have that sort of lady moisturizing cream or lip balm and I am not a big fan of them. I bet you feel the dryness of the weather as much as I do. Life sometimes could be even more so. You just need to get through these sleepless nights. I am grateful because is Sunday tomorrow and I don't need to worry about working like a zombie the next morning.

    I am not sure if you have such a thought, sometimes: You have friends but occasionally you feel lonely and your soul is empty and dry. You want to talk and speak. You want to meet someone and enjoy the process of meeting a new friend. You want to know his/her history. Is that person having a terrible day or wonderful day today? You want to know the person's perspective of life, love, work, money, etc. Literally, everything. You want someone sincere and frank. No mind games because you are sick and tired of it. You don't want to speak to someone as if you are speaking with your co-worker. You want to let him/her know you worry about being laid off amidst this euro plus global crisis because you are telling everyone else you are fine. You probably have had enough, for comforting the others while you slowly forget how to uncover your true feelings underneath.

    Getting to know yourself is even harder than to know someone. Does it sound philosophical? No. You don't know yourself until your ex told about your problems. Right? I want to know myself by knowing the others, by sharing with her whatever that pops up in my head momentarily.

    I appreciate your time reading this whole lousy thing. If you understand what these mean or have your thoughts on them, you are probably the "she" I would love to talk to. Let's begin and explore.

    Please, if you feel up to it, drop me a line on my msn: [email protected]. I am going to refill my hot chocolate...

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  • Do u know what's sleepless ? When its 8am but u still awake , that's sleepless lol

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