Make a wish

  • One day I found a very interesting girl.
    She is quite out going, interest all kind of sport, specially ride fixed gear bicycle cruises around the city at day or mid night, also love to do windsurfing even at Typhoon day. Love music, her music stock in mind so broad and deep down, She play classical piano and violin professionally, impressed me the music she love to listen such as Massive Attack, Sigur R., DJ Cam, and Raggie, and she also do freelance DJ sometime at Yumla. The coolest part, she is a self employee freelance web designer, Front end hand code the site, also she got skills of studio lighting photo shot and editing.

    She born in Hong Kong, then the family moved to Beijing, and went to London for high school, University in France, then work in Japan for few years, then back to Hong Kong with her family, she can handle 4 language.

    The day I met her, she was ride a NSR motorcycle,
    She is not too tall 168cm, for sure very good fit body shape, Sunny Skin not too dark, her eye look so innocent, I oftentimes feel everything she say is true from heart, always carry a little smiling face, she make me clam when looking at her.

    because of similar interest, slowly we become close friend, we always have unlimited conversation, from history, culture, art, spiritual, technology. we to love watch documentary together Marathonly. I am very impress of she is so knowledgeable and still hunger for knowledgeable. More interesting, we do drink and smoke up... o_o o_o YEA!

    End of the day, I am questioning myself, should I take action, and spend all my possible energy and whole life knowledge with a big patient to win her heart.

    Then the other question is, after I won, am I have such big confident and open mind of having a girl friend like her and I won't be jealous or over act whenever I see or know other guy around her and doing their best try as what I did. because it happen all the time whenever I hang out with her at any location! If I can't do held myself naturally clam, the future obviously would be a disaster of my emotional break down and drive me crazy. Can I handle that?

    The other way around, I might keep the same status as now, she is my close friend, still hang out with her, but held off my love emotion, and bright up a close friend buddy emotion. I think is still good to having a friend such cool and interest person like her, bring much knowledge and good chat time.

    To be or not to be, this is the question!