Get to know some Gals or Ladies here

  • no bullshit...some intro to myself I am 26, 176cm tall, 78kg, with good looking but a bit fatty and got little tummy..haha

    I am passionate for travel, wine and food! Sports is a must on weekend, like playing basketball or hiking. Sometimes go jogging after work around my home. For wine, always would like to explore different tastes and enjoy finding surprises in wine, wine tour is one of the best experience indeed.

    I wish I could find any decent SP/SL here..just to hang out whenever feeling bored or lonely Not necessarily sex everytime. casual drink or gathering can do. RESPECT for each other is crucial.

    See if i have good luck here :) anyway, just add me and chat. get to know me more if u want to. tks.

    msn: [email protected]

  • morning all!

  • it was good sunshine day, feeling good after basketball game

    what have u done ladies and gals?

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