Does anyone can introduce some good health food or supplement to me?

  • As topic.Thank you so much!

  • I suggest you can try the supplements of "iFormula".They have different type of supplements to help your health problems.

  • ho sorry~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • 我自已食開人參(十五年野生.正官庄天字參是六年種植人參),冬虫夏草及靈芝孢子粉膠囊,在國內有售,那品牌"參芝草"靈芝膠囊是我朋友直接到吉林省長白山挑選這三種中藥原料.百分百無添加其他如淮山,甘草成份,減輕成本.


  • what funtion you want?

    For me im taking fish oil and chlorenergy and also probiotics.

    Fish oil is anti-aging and keeps heart healthy. Also relive allergy symtoms and strengthen immune system.

    Chorenergy is for detox and repair our body, i use it for loss weight.

    Probiotics can support digestive system and sooth intestinal discomfort. it is good if you have constipation sometime.

    hope it will helps you. :)

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