Honesty is hardly ever heard ...........

  • And mostly what I need from you!!

  • can hardly meet someone who's real honesty.

  • Hello, why so disappointed?

  • Suddenly think about a song " honestly.... Hardly ever heard......"... So blue!

  • moon replied at 2011-10-09 1:39 pm


    can hardly meet someone who's real honesty.


    agree, not in read word ... and here for sure NOT

  • I agree with you ,too

  • why do you think that,star?

  • hi star,

    Relationship is a delicate subject in life, so complex that many end up saying it's all about 'fate'. It's true to a large degree, but it's also dependent on our attitude and mindset to influence our chance of meeting our 'fate'.

    I have heard many ladies stating that they are looking for honest man, and stress honesty is a key factor. What I have observed is that more than often, it is not bring good to the healthy build-up of relationship. A man who loves you is likely to tell a number of white lies to you with a good intent to make you happy. There are of course lies than your man will tell you out of bad purposes, e.g when he is going to cheat behind you (a very matured mind will realise that while it is nothing good in those intentions, it's better than when he becomes so daring that he doesn't need to lie to you).

    Another ironic point is: are women that honest to their man? Recent research in UK have found that men and women do cheat; the only difference is that women will try to, and more likely to succeed to find out the lies of men, while the idiot men may not pick the lies of their women. Haha, don't think I'm too serious ;)

    The ultimate strategy is: find a mindset to make yourself happier, and it will cascade to the man you meet in future, and enjoy a great time together. Becoming a bf/gf or husband/wife is easier acheived by letting it come as a by-product, and not the purpose of your pursuit of love and romance.

    I imagine you are very young, and it may take years before you may appreciate what I said above. After all, many women at all ages may not agree with me anyway.

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