Sincerely seeking life sharing SL/SP

  • Greetings I'm Daisuke. New comer, Male, 31, 5'8, 145pds
    Decent business type. English, Cantonese, Mandarin capable
    Sincerely seeking for SL/SP 25-40 for precious timing sharing
    Basic rule is that:
    I don't ask about you, and you don't ask about me.
    We would make time more worthy together.
    We do sharing of our daily life in this 2nd life without hesitation, since nothing has to be real.
    At lesiure, cut the finger chat and just meet in persons.
    Further rules to be set by you with me.
    Life is short. Can't wait to see your reply.
    Add me for a chat/cam:
    MSN: [email protected]

  • Thanks to those adding and chatting with me.

    Hope you understanding that I am not very willing to giving much background of mine or asking for yours to keep the excitement.

    If you don't mind, please feel free adding me.

    If both of us available and feel alright, let's go straight to a fancy bar/ restaurant.

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