90% off botox

  • my good friend told me that there is a special offer this weekend at Wanchai Exhibition Centre!  90% off the normal price of botox.-- great for decreasing prominent jaw line. I am going for it!! cut down my routine beauty cost! yeah!!

  • 係會展? 有無詳細d呀 ?

  • bernicelamwing replied at 2011-06-08 5:19 pm


    係會展? 有無詳細d呀 ?


    點樣 一折先? 幾錢原價先?

  • 一折打邊度?? 之前見到有clinic都好貴..個 fd 打要成 4000 幾蚊!! 係會展?? 係咪今個禮拜個excibition?? 咁抵可以睇得過 wor..

  • 我都今日收到宣單咋,係今個禮拜五六日係家庭博覧展囉

    一折佢寫每part $680 咋 , 仲寫有激光脫毛添呀!

    你有時間咪去睇下囉 ! ^^

    我都想去望望,睇下有D 咩 jetso !

  • i have tried botox b4 for my face. looks great to me.

    90% off botox. sounds a great deal. i may go there and have a look.

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