HOW TO CLEAN MAKEUP - 3 piece cleaning system


    Whether a professional makeup artist, or a makeup lover, you want to ensure that each product you put directly on the face, lips and eyes is clean, safe and bacteria-free. All makeup products gather bacteria from the oil on our skin, our fingers (especially when we use them for application) and coughing or sneezing during makeup application. Some of these bacteria can lead to eye irritations and infections, skin irritations and even encourage acneic breakouts.



    Q. If I’m the only one using my makeup, how can it become contaminated?

    A. Fingers which have come in contact with an unclean or infected surface may contaminate your makeup, particularly if you use your fingers during application. Sneezing or coughing, air-borne contaminants, natural oils on the skin and emollients in skincare products can all degrade and contaminate your makeup!

    Q. Why can’t I use pure alcohol to disinfect my makeup?

    A. Pure alcohol can dry out powder or cream cosmetics and may actually alter the pigment in lipsticks. SoClean has been specially formulated with the perfect balance of alcohol and emollients. So, not only will it never dry out or degrade your products, it actually will not alter the pigments! If you washed your hands with pure alcohol instead of using a hand sanitizer your hands would become extremely dry and chapped…. as alcohol is not designed to protect or nourish, BeautySoClean sanitizers are formulated to do both so they will not ruin your makeup!

    Q. If I clean my brushes, why do I have to worry about cleaning my makeup?

    A. Your brushes may be impeccably clean but your products may be contaminated. This means that, when you dip or sweep your brushes into or across the product, those contaminants then go into the brush and can be spread across the face, or on the lips or eyes.

    Q. My compact sticks after spraying it with the Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist – why?

    A. Remember, SoClean removes bacteria in 10 short seconds; therefore it is very important to wait the 10 seconds after misting before closing your compact. Also, a little goes a long way – one gentle mist is all it takes to sanitize your makeup; avoid over-saturating.

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