life sxxks - work really sxxks

  • Lemon Tea,

    this sounds crazy, she blamed you that just you can't pay her bills?? very scary man!!!

  • someone.

    similar? what similar? divorce? hope not

    lemon tea

    what is teh definately of rubbish? how much she expects you bring in home>? or she is talking about your caring? your sex? your? I dont understand what isthe meaning of rubbish. If she can do all by herself, why needs to get married on day 1?


    hope you will be the angel to guide me in the future. Well. Certainly you are right and I shoudl not complain much but I am still having teh pain talking adn staying in this field after all these years. I am not bored to be a sales person and I dont like sales person in particular. How can i work well as a sales person?

  • beatles

    i think it's more important that u hv got good products on hand, their decision to buy or not, may depend on whether they can make a profit from it, at least from what they believe

    & i guess u must be typing real fast, i found u often type the letters in wrong orders especially for some particular words......just a special phenomenon, no offense !!

  • I learnt this from my ex gf. I miss her much and i lost her

  • diu la sing, so unhappy ar, go die la.

  • do you expect your wife can bring you money? she's pretty when i married her and she thinks she should marry to a very rich man

    guys, whenever you need to marry a woman, dont choose those with pretty face and good figure. her personality is the most important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel............. u are a guy ?!

    i thought only gals would use such name/alias....

  • better block this on79

  • norman,

    Angel in heaven. I can be a devil in hell

  • norman

    thanks. I like you! You finally see my problem!! I have been questioned by many people that if I have been educated overseas as I have bene putting words in wrong order. you are the one that you know me.....

    I am trying to see if any good prodcuts can be found. but sometimes we are forced to sell something stupid. and this is definately not in my favour. however, you think clients will know our pain? I dont think so. They will only blame when tehy cannot make money.

  • Angel replied at 2011-06-02 12:06 pm


    I learnt this from my ex gf. I miss her much and i lost her


    Hi Miss Angel

    First at all, I'm so sorry if i have any offend to you.

    Would you mind to using another alias name to reply this thread as I don't want to make any mess to others. Just let me know if you don't want to change then i leave this name.

  • on lun 9 threads, life is always sad ga la. you are like saying, 'why i feel hungry from time to time?' 100% bak lun chi post.

    we all know why you came to sex board, no more acting la, just tell the women u wanna fxxk la. 9up jerk.

  • norman

    seems like I have drawn in more men than women. That's good. We have been conducting good conversations with no dead air. As well, many of us can share our feelign and REAL TRUE FEELING.


    If you dont mind, you can share your feeling with us here

    Lemon Tea

    I know what you are talking about. Thanks god my temper makes me kick off all those pretty faces as I dont like to give in adn put up with those stupid temper. Again, if I need pretty face, I can get in macau ( may be not anymore these days) or Portland street. I dont liek to be abused by women here


    you can just ignore those stupid animals dont even know how to articulate their brain and mouth. I use my "dick" to fxxk but the animals can use their mouth......I am so little in frton of those animals

  • ha, on79, good job

    chi lun sin la, he's a real jerk

  • Mr on 79 did you know what is 77? have you checked with your father? or those lo shuk fu

  • hahaha.......... beatles

    actually i noticed that rite in the beginning, just i wanna to confirm if it's just an accidental thing or it's regular.

    it has nothing to do with wherever u studied.

  • money can buy many things but money can't buy real love

  • Beatles replied at 2011-06-02 12:23 pm


    Mr on 79 did you know what is 77? have you checked with your father? or those lo shuk fu


    check le lo mo la, i know this is cyber space and i think you are very 7 lor!

  • Angel replied at 2011-06-02 12:12 pm



    Angel in heaven. I can be a devil in hell


    Again, I really appreciated of you that you did know the real meaning of a Angel name. In fact, I really want to living in heaven which is a peacful place as i thought, but pity that i couldn't get that at this moment.

  • beatles, can anyone help you when u ar lost? such as your wife, fds, colleagues, at least you need someone is willing to hear you

    i am lucky i hv many sisters

  • norman

    you are real smart. I ahve been asked by many people. as well, since i am checking with the market and talking over the phoen while I am typing...typo is a sure thing. Thanks for your understanding

    lemon tea

    agree but you know gals are getting mroe materialistic and tehy dont really know what a real love can give them. They just care about begs, shoes, etc nowsdays. That's why there are so amny hoookers in LKF.

  • Ballentine

    I dont think they have hte time and effort to know me more. As well, friends can be turned into enemies easily. I dont really like to count those them sometimes. Would rather keep that tomyself and make things work in my way. However, this is quite painful

  • hookers in LKF? nvr thought abt that........

    but there are many ppl looking for $ & support here in SHE now !!

  • dont bother to ask for a permission. I would suggest you to find another representable name for your use. On the other hand, I dont think the fake angel would hang around here as there is no common topics among us. He/she would be bored adb walked away finally.

    too bad that stupid on79 is that pathetic and he needs to stick with us on his precious time. I have stopped him on request. Too bad he does not even dare to show up in front of me physically and he does not even know what is 77......

    if ever we mentioned about 77 back in 1997, we might be in trouble however

  • sori that Angel above is me

  • norman

    I see those people looking for fun at disgrace hookers.....they could be even worse than real hookers as hookers work for living and money and they are not. that's why I would never try to touch them at all. dont even let them sit close to me to have drinks....

    Those gals in SHE look for support are of poos quality physcailly. I have seen quite a numbher. However, i have told them to 1. find another channel to make money as tehy are not physically appealing 2. not to do so as they could get diseases v easily and end up wtih no $$

  • Beatles 12:02pm jun 02, 2011

    How can i work well as a sales person?

    >>> My stupid opinion is try to use this way, just hypnotize to self you had been change, and forgot what's your major favorite in the pass, then concentrate and to enlarge some of an advantage for your current job.

  • Real Angel.....

    Tried. That's why I like strawberry field for ever......nothing is real....nthing to get hung about......

    this si the only way I can. To be honest, I was in portland street quite often at one time to get myself forget all the work and things.....never work. it just does not work.

  • will be out for meeting soon. coud be back after 4. pls take care and enjoy yourself

  • Beatles

    Thanks for your suggestion and i decided to use Vanilla for my name to chat with you.

    Reality, no one can fight with the fate. Just like Beatles the famous song that 'Let it be' and move on.

  • Vanilla

    right. this si much easier and so you can avoid keep asking "air". Right? he or she may not exist in this world at all.

  • Beatles,

    Lunch break now. So sorry no time to go through all the pages. We haven't seen such quality topic and people talk here for long time.

    Just know you are talking about LKF and support. It's obvious that more and more people look for support or offer support. I don't think here is a poultry market. Sex can be fuuny and healthy.

  • sure. I dont like doing in a wet market. I would rather find something interesting wtih feeling. ad hoc is also ok but just I dont like the risk. Trading? My god. how much turn over a day? As well, I like people to know what they are doing. i dont like to see people doing things for no reason

  • Beatles,

    I think you are the one very clear about yourself. You know what you can do but you are stopped by many reasons. That's why you are upset.

  • strawberry field

    thanks for your understanding. To be honest, at one time, I was almst recruited into army. I did not really care much about my life. I know I have decision in making any choices. And I can afford to pay any price - even my life. HOwever, when it comes to family, I dont really know what I can do about that. I cannot give a 100% shield proof and therefore I am very frustrated.

    that's why when that stupid on79 here, I ddared to ask him out for a fight. Cos he will definatel learn his lesson and he does not even know how the world runs in the dark side

  • out fior meeting. back in 1 hr

  • beatles

    how do u come to meet these gals looking for support? u did not know abt this when u 1st knew them?

  • Not really. I did not aware on some. I know one did warn me ahead

  • they did not disclose that they want support in 1st place?

    a waste of time for both !!

  • No of course. Why?

  • just curious!!

    i thought these gals mention abt their intention rather explicitly!!

  • Beatles

    All we know, as the mentally problem, there is no one can help except for yourself. Moreover, you are the one clear that what you want or what you need, as how to solve or express the problem by yourself such as strawberry field said, You know what you can do but you are stopped by many reasons. That's why you are upset.

    Certainly, sex couldn't help the peoples who was frustrate and really to vent how upset we have, if so, we don't need appearance in here.

    Again, trying to forgot how you hate the job, as like as you forgot someone who you hate!

  • Van

    not that simple but i am trying. As wel i am trying to get rid all my problems in one go as well.


    thy do. But i dont really believ in their words someimes as thley may not be qualiied

  • strawberry field replied at 2011-06-02 1:55 pm



    I think you are the one very clear about yourself. You know what you can do but you are stopped by many reasons. That's why you are upset.


    very true, why ppl around me don't understand me!

  • norman replied at 2011-06-02 3:10 pm


    they did not disclose that they want support in 1st place?

    a waste of time for both !!


    how do u know? i met a woman like that

  • lemon

    no, i was asking beatles if it's true. mind to share yr story abt that woman ?

  • beatles

    i got some confusions.......... ar u saying these gals did or did not disclose they were looking for support when u initially contact them (etc in chatting or msn or phone) ?

  • i talked with a C9 here 4 years ago, after 3 weeks we met in a decent restaurant

    her table manner was not good but she showed me her deep V

    after dinner, we went to Kowloon Park, she kissed me

    then we went for 3 times, go to karaoke, cinema, no real sex

    almost 2 weeks later she said she couldn't live without me and asked me did I have the same feeling

    she said she could serve me well on bed and hope i can give her $5000 a month

    CRAZY, i am not Li Ka Shing

  • u will be lucky if u meet someone understand u

  • lemon

    at least she spent the time with u.......... dinner, K, movie....

    5k is not a small amount but yet not too unreasonable. if u can sex with her once every week, then the cost is only abt 1.2k each time, not very expensive la (kidding, hahaha....)

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