life sxxks - work really sxxks

  • those U fresh grads are kids

  • lemontea...yes they are kids

    politics? man? you think soi?

  • Beatles,

    Wow, good to see your thread runs so fast. I don't have time to read all the pages. Very busy and tired today. I should go to bed now. Goodnight

  • i feel like i am a baby sitter in my office

  • strawberry field

    see you tom. I am going to watch US market and then sleep soon

    lemon tea

    what do you do for living? mind if we could talk tom

  • It is another day and night

  • Beatles,

    Good morning. Another busy day for me. We are particularly in summer.

    You made me think of the song again. Now "Nothing is real.....Strawberry Fields forever........" is always in my mind, especailly when I saw some strawberries in a fruits stall last night. Need to work now. Talk later. Have a Nice Day.

  • Beatles,

    Sorry, a missing word. We are particularly busy in summer.

  • Strawberry

    Are you in the import adn export company? Typically should eb quite busy in summer as need to make sure things can be settled by X mas.

    I have been thinking about starwberry all the time cos I always try to remind myself nothing is real. Indeed whe John was homoicided, I was not too shocked. I felt he had finally found his home in peace. May be I am also looking for that day to come

  • Beatles,

    I am a small potato in a tiny non-profit organization. This organization sounds good but ...........nothing is real.

  • I see. at least you should not have much pressure in meeting quotas? I am quite sure there should be tons of politics. That's what I have heard from others

  • hi, good morning all

  • morning.....

    very true, another similar day~~

    beatles, wonder why u can be so free at the start of hk market......... must be very volatile today as US dropped so much last nite !

    btw, what's rationale for the drop ?

  • Market dropped just becos of bad ISM and unemployment figure. Fruthermore, there is no good news in the market. I expect the market will continue to fall in US. We might be affected but I am not sure if anything we can do about that

    I just done a regionalreport. I am typing here for only less than 1 min. One thign...I dont really like to talk here as i need to F5 all the time to see the new page

  • do you msn during work?

    what's your msn?

  • Hi Good morning Beatles

    How are you?

    Well, I could see you have tons of friens here. You are not alone anymore. That's good for you.

    Try to relax and release of your pressure to enjoy to chat with everyone.

    Work hard!

  • oic

    go ahead to msn with the ladies then, good luck !!

  • lemon tea we can continue to talk here. Cos I dont want to leave norman alone here. Furthermore, we still have a good group of people around.

    In additional, I dont want to see that dog on79 to blame me flirting wtih gals here and get them on bed.

    I am a male of course I will get gals on bed. but this thread is not for such intension. I am just completely fxxked up lately and dont want to think about anything.....but just venting out my pressure

  • Angel

    thanks. I am sure I may know youm despite you are using another handle. I am not sure if I am happier today./ I just know I am trying to distract myself from calling those stupid fund managers. I am trying to make myself as busy as possible and forget those fxxking axxholes

  • norman

    stay if you ahve time for us. we all need you here as well. This is a room for venting pressure and have a constructive talk. I am not here to pick a gal.

  • Hi All,

    can I join this conversation too.. kinda moody today...

  • someone

    welcome. cos I am not really in moood also

  • thx beatles

    i m just a passer by who happened to be here for blowing water, u run the thread nicely, dun believe my presence is of much importance to this thread.

    hi someone

    why is that? some relation or work related issues bothering u ?

  • Beastles,

    nice to meet you, it's interesting to read your massages!!

    so, are you going to make a new plan soon??

  • norman

    people can see and feel what is from the heart and what is fake. I am sure in bad mood and people can see from my complaints. If I would like to fetch a chick, I could do that quite easily as Portland street is right at the corner. I believe in professionals.

    However, relaly fed up wtih teh market and the fund managers. They are bunch of airheads

  • beatles

    honestly we see all these ppl in the workplace, no matter it's financial, industrial, or even in educational fields.....

    this is life !!

    haha.......yr view is quite diff to many here, who would like to chase the c9's ;P

  • Hi Norman,

    it's all about my work ....:( and you?

  • norman

    i have been wasting too much my time on those fxxking fund managers. honestly, if thye are my friends, I am happy to spend time wtih them. Some of too cocky. You think I have nothing to do?

    Instead of asking gals out for sex here, it will take me tons of time etc, why I dont simply buy from the market?! There is a big market in macau and portland street.

    I am not sure why those people here are so pathetic to go after asses that tehy dont know. Why bother? If someone likes you, it is easy to get click.....if not....back off and go to the market. At least we can still get some respect by paying money

  • hi all

    gals are not stupid nowadays

    like the gals in my company, sleep with guys is nothing special

  • Ballerine

    good morning. Gals are not stupid. However, we have just too much in our lives and to me I would rather to have my own time taking break and get myself away from the mess.

    I hate my job

  • if you are not rich or you are not skillfull, they wont sleep with you

  • Ballerine

    certainly. that's how i see them as another kind of hookers. ONe things good about least they are better than those in LKF......those gals do for no reasons!!!


  • someone

    ic, so maybe u are encountering similar exp as the host........

    relax, as i said, this if life, we are paid to accept such.

    i m not satisfied with my job too, but who isn't.

  • can't say gals do for no reasons,

    those guys are poor in their eyes

    gals look for free dinner

  • Ballintine

    sure they are for free dinner. However, if ever they get diseases, the cost could be unlimited

  • no, beatles

    the gals at lkf do it to satisfy their needs.........& at least they believe they prove they are still attractive !!

  • gals look for free ducks

    guys look for free chicks

    or they treat others as tools to satisfy their needs

    and one thing is they don't do with the same person twice

  • Norman,

    Agree, we are paid to accept so.. the diffeernece is I don't hate my work at all,just having some tricky problems of it lately ..

  • Beatles, the world is now changing!!

    I know many gals are even more aggreessive than guys by talking about LKF!!

  • someone and Ballerine

    many thanks. I am really old. Dont know the tricks anymore. Cos I hardly go to LKF.....may be less than 10 times in my life?

    Anyway. I know everyone has sex needs. I just know no me at thsi point

    Someone. good that you can find a solution adn get things settled. I am not that lucky as I am a sales and I need to handle those fuzzy people all the time. I am not sure if they really know what tehy are up to.

  • norman

    still around? why slient alla sudden?

  • Beatles,

    may be... if one day I find myself hating my work, I will move on rigth away,this is too painful in sticking with something / someone you hate about!!

  • like me, i hv no feeling with my bf, so seperate with him

  • beatles

    i need to take care of work at the same time...........tho it's not much currently..


    absolutely, same applies to relations, if the passion & love are gone, better give up which should be better for both parties !!

  • someone again it is easy to move if there is no financial burden. i am stuck becos i could nto get out from this financial burden. otherwise, i would have been out from this crap long ago.


    better to leave soon than get stuck adn into a marriage. that's really painful adn meaningless. I almost got divorce once but finally happy to be wtih her again. however, it is alwasy good to have a marriage with no separation


    sorry i dont mean you have nothing todo. just make sure I did not give you an impression that I am only after ladies

  • Beatles,

    If you can't move on due to the financial burden, you'd better try to get used to it !! it's kinda a tarde-off, same happening to everyone. right?

  • someone

    thats right. however, it is not easy. nt becos I am not willing. if i could not get those fuzzy people to buy / trade wtih me, I could not get revenue as well. however, those fuzzy people can be really pain in the ass as they have no clue sometimes but tehy act liek as if tehy know everything. This si teh most difficult part.

    I am not handling retail clietns. those retails can be fuzzy but they will nto pretend tehy are professional

  • Beatles replied at 2011-06-02 9:51 am



    thanks. I am sure I may know youm despite you are using another handle. I am not sure if I am happier today./ I just know I am trying to distract myself from calling those stupid fund managers. I am trying to make myself as busy as possible and forget those fxxking axxholes



    Wondering is that important to who will know each other then would have good conversation? My stupid thought that is meaningless if can communication well, right?

    Life is tough and really full of contradiction. Much expectation then has much disappointment, so don't expecting too much whether in the real or virtual world. Therefore, we need to find a place to have a resort to vent and express our happier or unhappier.

    Try to accept your job natural and enlarge of some an advantage from your job, such as the job could satisfy for your living in need.

    Please be happy!

  • same as you

    i nearly seperate with my wife 2 yrs ago as i can't afford so many expenditure and she kept on blaming me say i am a rubbish

    i am still with her now but no love

  • Beatles,

    I see your point, in fact, I'm also working on something similar.

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