Pretty Nail and Beauty

  • Do not go there for nail service. This company is bad. They offered trial service for LED gel nail at $198 but do not include 拆甲. I paid $300 to take them off! Meaning the trial is $498! Then, because the first time they did very nice with colour gel and 閃粉, I joined their package for 5 times. The second time when I went, they said I can either have colour gel OR 閃粉, not both. Then I found they put a stamp on the bill (after I paid). I did not look carefully. When I decided not to continue, they tried very hard to convince me but I declined their offer. They were not happy! The very last time when I went to 拆甲, they said they have to charge $200 for that even though on the bill it says 每次包拆甲. They argued that 拆甲 is not included in the 5th time and I had to pay extra AGAIN.

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