seeking mature sugar babies for arrangement

  • I had a sugar baby for 2 years and we had a wonderful arrangement. But all good things come to an end - she's going to study abroad for her MBA so I'm trying to see if I could meet someone fun here. I'm looking for one or two female sugar babies who are:

    1. Currently working or an university student
    2. Mature in mind but confident about their outlook
    3. Enjoys finer things in life as well as living a healthy lifestyle
    4. Open-minded and won't hesitate to try out exciting things (within certain boundaries of course)

    Our dates will be…

    1. With mutual respect
    2. Begin with a nice meal
    3. Held in a safe and discreet place - e.g. boutique hotels, no hourly hotels & neither our homes
    4. Of course, shopping from time to time.

    Everyone deserves something different so my budget will be different for each individual, but at a minimum you will get what you make in a month, so consider it as a nice boost to your salary.

    If this sounds like what you're looking for, send me a picture and email at and plan for tea or drinks. Let's hope for a lot of mutual pampering.