C & G藝術單位------FLUXUS 電影分享會

    FLUXUS 電影分享會

    -- Is the attitude of Fluxus still alive?
    Is the attitude of Fluxus already dead?

    -- Fluxus的精神尚存?

    主辦: C & G藝術單位
    策劃: Piet Trantel
    時間: 二零一零年十二月十一日(星期六) 下午6:30 - 8:00
    地點: 香港 九龍 太子 西洋菜南街222號 三字樓 (始創中心後)

    Presented by: C & G Artpartment
    Curated by: Piet Trantel
    Time: 11 December, 2010 (SAT) 6:30 – 8:00pm
    Address: 3/F, 222 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, KLN, HK
    (Behind Pioneer Centre)

    C&G 引言:
    在西九文化革命區展覽期間,C&G 不斷尋找多種方法去刺激思維,令政府及大眾除了關心西九硬件上的發展,也能更加進取地去思考及爭取香港文化軟件和文化政策的發展。而要創建新的想像,新的思維,我們每每需要向歷史學習,透過重組前人的經驗去豐富自我的想像空間。

    是次電影分享會中,德國藝術家Piet Trantel會播放一系列滲透著Fluxus精神的短片作品,包括一些當年Fluxus的電影,同時也有他本人早期及近年的短片作品和他學生的創作去作出回應。在回顧Fluxus這藝術運動背後的精神之餘,也藉此討論Fluxus的精神可以如何影響或啟發我們的當代藝術、教育制度,以及為消費而消費的生活模式,為我們這些消費動物注入新思維、新想像。

    Introduction by C&G:
    During the current exhibition of “West Kowloon Cultural Revolution District,” C&G keep trying to find some innovative thinking methods to trigger everyone, including the government and the public, to be more proactive and engaged in the development of the cultural software and cultural policy for Hong Kong. Studying the history and the experiences in the past is one significant way to enrich one’s imagination for innovations.

    In this sharing session of Fluxus films, Piet Trantel will show a series of short films with the Fluxus spirit: including films from the Fluxus movement, Piet’s earlier and recent works, and works by his students.
    Concept for the Flux Film Fest by the artist, Piet Trantel:

    The “eurasian” non-artist, art teacher and common being Piet Trantel raises these questions 47 years after George Maciunas published the Fluxus Manifesto:

    Purge the world of bourgeois sickness, “intellectual”, professional & commercialized culture. PURGE the world of dead art, imitation, artificial art, abstract art, illusionistic art, mathematical art. – PURGE THE WORLD OF “EUROPANISM”!
    Promote living art, anti-art, promote NON-ART REALITY to be fully grasped by all peoples, not only critics, dilettantes and professionals.
    FUSE the cadres of cultural, social & political revolutionaries into united front & action.


    This was certainly not the question for the historical core of Fluxus artists and is not for those who have continued their practice after the death of Maciunas in 1978, not to speak of all the ones who still practice in the sense of Fluxus by new means and enhanced media. What seemed interesting to me about the attitude of Fluxus was to explore it in three different contexts.

    The first was the art discourse which Fluxus is been discussed as an art historical movement in. What kind of impact does it still have on contemporary engagement and practice?

    Another is the education system I am part of as teacher. What kind of role would the Fluxus criteria play in the recent process of research and learning, the exchange of knowledge and experience?

    And last but not least it is the context of the society in a world I am sharing as an ordinary person with others. What did and what is Fluxus able to contribute to communication, to the exchange of rational and emotional information in a world that has merged life itself from the distinction between public and private in real and virtual reality into the totality of commercial behavior?”


    M: 23909332
    E: [email protected]


    1. (John Cale loop) (刘璐paper music)

    The Light

    1. 31 John Cale – Police Car (1966), 15 mb, 1:28
    2. 无为而服务 – 五彩 (2007/2009) 29 mb, 1:05

    The Frame
    3. 36 Peter Kennedy & Mike Parr – Flux Film 36 (1970), 27 mb, 2:34
    4. 无为而服务 – black square (2008) 41 mb, 3:09

    The Time
    5. 03 George Maciunas – End After 9 (1966), 12 mb, 1:06
    6. 无为而服务 – 49 seconds in 1 minute (2010) 16 mb, 1:06

    The Moment
    7. 09 Yoko Ono – Eye Blink (1966), 7 mb, 0:35
    8. Piet Trantel – das aegyptische Profil (1989) 39 mb, 1:15
    9. PT – 49 seconds the egyptian profile (2008) 45 mb, 1:00

    The Expression of the Face
    10. 22 Jeff Perkins – Shout (1966), 23 mb, 2:14
    11. 欧彧霖 – Friendly (2010), 322 mb, 1:51

    The Limits of the Individual Body
    12. 40 Ben – Faire un effort (1969), 25 mb, 2:26
    13. 陈艺文 – Summer and Winter (2010), 588 mb, 2:56
    14. 25 George Landow – The Evil Faerie (1966), 4 mb, 0:21
    15. Piet Trantel – Kreuzsatteldach Bertramstrasse (1986) 69 mb, 1:58

    The Absence of the Camera
    16. 37 Peter Kennedy & Mike Parr – Flux Film 37 (1970), 17 mb, 1:34
    17. 数码07 – Take 7 (2010), 260 mb, 1:11

    Engaged and Hermetic
    18. 26 Paul Sharits – Sears Catalogue 1-3 (1965), 8 mb, 0:47
    19. 陈晓婷 – 改什么革 (2009) 11 mb, 1:11

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