• I LOST HER! 

  • ...

    sorry to hear that, why you lost her?

  • misunderstanding.

  • have you explained to her?

  • what is it about?

  • RSP

    Can i have yr MSN so that we can chat there? i think i can help.

  • Thanks for all your good words.

    I hurt her. But I didnt have the intention to do so. Nevertheless, it is all too late!

    Melanie, I dont add any gals...I still like her much.

  • melanie, maybe u can help me then......

  • I guess, I know your feeling, to forget the one you used to 'like', the one who was very closed to you, is uneasy.

    Move on, the clock wont stop for you or her..

    Cheer up

  • opps, 'one woman' just walk in and log out. :)

  • I hope my sl will know he is hurting me before I give up this relationship.

  • RSP = respondez sil vous plait?

  • respondez sil vous plait = RSVP

  • thanks

    then what does RSP stand for?

  • RSP,

    Did you cheat on her? That is probably the one and only one thing that women can't forgive nor forget.

  • NO, an illusion

  • take it easy

  • take care

  • An illusion.. ?

  • I sincerely want to apologize to her. And, I will repent for what I have done. 
    Hope she will give me a chance one day! 

    I miss her so much. Maybe, I already like her much. ...sigh......

  • RSP, u are not bad indeed as u know what's wrong in ur mind afterward. For me, I really hope he will like u to missed me after we broken up. In fact, that's my dreaming only and never come true.  He never will remember me afterwards for sure.  I'm quite envy ur "her", at least u will miss her even now. 

  • good luck RSP, hope you get the chance soon to redo, and to dissolve illusion(s).

  • one woman,

    [email protected]

  • Hi Wishes,

    Well, I really learnt a lesson. And, it reinforces me to really love my SL. This was my first time, and I didnt really search my heart thoroughly, and a bit hesitated at the beginning. I have done sth wrong to have hurt her. Now that, all seem too late. And, I realize that I like her so much. I am still missing her. .....I really hope that time can be "rewind" and I can be with her.....no more mis-behaving. 

    If u really like a person, u cannot easily forget her, right?

    Hi One Woman,

    I already regret of what I have done. Too late though! 



  • RSP,

    so, what u gonna to do ?? just post msge and share yr sadness ??

    as u're using 'SL' to call yr girl, supposing the relationship shld be under certain conditions. Pls stick to the rule and get too much emotions !! it's hurt yrself at the end.

  • RSP,

    i remember my first 'incident' and i learn a good lesson from it, to be honest, it is no good or bad person in this kind of relationship.

    should you feel happy to vent yourself and express your missing thought toward her, please do it! that was exactly i had done for MyselF in past. ;)

    cheer up.

  • should be " stick to the rule and DON'T get too much emotions "

  • RSP, yes u r right as everyone would learnt a lesson after what they've done either right or wrong things.  Also, i fully agree with u for that we cannot easily forget if we really like.  Or i should say it never will forget in our life when we fall in love with him/her. In fact, i still cried and felt painful even broken up with him 6mths ago.  So, i fully understand what u think and how's ur sadness. sad wishes

  • RSP, again, im shame to say that i dun hv any gd suggestion to u as im a loser too.  And most important is i still couldn't to lessen my painful even now. But i believed the fate will bring us to move on in the future.  Lets we striving to our life. sad wishes

  • Hi Wishes, and Clara too,

    Thanks for your care. 

    I totally concurred with u. Looking for a SL is somewhat a unusual affair. Suppose to be, it will generate positive feeling in our life, like happiness, fulfillment, excitement, higher spirit, etc. Likewise, on the other side of the spectrum, it will hurt and demotivate as this kind of relationship is without any committment (as it is hidden in the dark side of our heart). Could lose the devotion/sparks suddenly.

    When u like somebody, there is no reason. And, somehow, you cannot stop letting ur love and affection flowing out when u meet a right person. That might be something I would like to find, (what I call the old sweet memory). 

    This sweet memory could fade relatively quickly. When a person gets older, it is more difficult to fulfill his/her inner desire, covering physical desire, mental desire and inner spiritual desire. What used to be easily excited will no longer be excited within a  short period of time.  I think that is why so many people keep on looking for new SL. Keeping on chasing the excitement and freshness is neverending. 

    To me, I hope I could like to stick to a person I like. Explore each other and keep on the sweet moments. With a mis-step, I ruin the relationship. 

    I might not engage in this type of relationship. I just dont know and have myself lost in this dilemma.




  • RSL,

    'you cannot stop letting ur love and affection flowing out when u meet a right person'

    it should not apply to any secret affair.....you should watch out yourself and control well....

    may i know is yr SL married or single ??

  • Sorry Clara,

    As a protection to her, I wont disclose anything publicly about her.



  • RSL, May I know is it because you did not trust her? Now I am facing this problem with my sl.

    He does not trust me and always asking me how many other men am I seeing now? He does not even know this hurts.

  • Hi Hopeless,

    Sorry to hear your experience.

    It is not her problem. It is my problem. Maybe, I dont derserve to have her as my SL. ...

    As SL partner, we need to gradually build up trust, though not easy, but definitely a prerequisite. It takes time, and every relationship needs to be fostered with care.


  • RSL,

    Hi, it seems that u are totally engaged and lost in the relationship. You should have observe the rules of the game, but now that u failed to do so. What's the reason behind? You really like the gal so much? is she really that attractive that worths u to be so in love and thus so lost? As a female and also a SL, I'm really curious to know. Please kindly advise. Tks.


    p.s. wish u good luck

  • Sorry Destiny,

    I cannot disclose here. If u would like to know, I dont mind to leave my MSN contact here.


  • you are stupid.

  • sorry, the correct one is 

    [email protected]

  • Hi RSL,

    Sorry, just want to chat here for the time being


  • Perhaps, I didnt stick to the rule. Maybe i am stubbornly stupid.

    If u like a person, there is no reason! And, it is a kind of attraction that the third party does not know or understand.

    Perhaps, I now have gut to really love someone i like!

    Sound stupid, as advised by shooter!!! I am !!! LOL

  • you better forget her and find a new one

  • Thanks, passer-by. 

    This is a big lesson here. 


  • Hi RSL, I has long time no go in she, how r u?  Does u still feel sad lately?  Hm...for my stupid thought is no one can be string along with stick to the rule no matter that relationship is official or unofficial.  Such as u says that If u like a person, there is no reason.  Now, i would like to add 2 more, which are endless love and endless willing to do anything to if u really like a person.  Honestly, i dont really know how to lessen my pain and sadness even it has 6 months passed. But i still wishes to all kind sad of ppls will be fine at all.  

  • Hi Wishes,

    I am more focused on my job now. 

    I have been in a low spiritual for a while, and am not recovering. Perhaps, time will cure my pain. Lost and confused.

    People think I am stupid and not follow the rule here. It makes me think most of the people here in she.com is to play and change partners frequently, esp. guys.  No love, only meeting their sexual needs. That is. SL or "feeling/clicks" is just like a sweetener covering the greedy lustful desire.

    That is why people here say the normal period with a SL is less then 18 mths in general. No love...how to maintain a relationship purely based on sex. 

    I am waiting for her, and dared not find another one at the moment. I hope..... 


  • RSL, yes agreed with ur point and i always confused that No love...how to maintain a relationship purely based on sex and can ML with a stranger? As a woman side it will very difficult to ML with who's a man without LOVE being the fundamentals. 

    And yes, im also waiting for his back even no matter when. I also dared to say, I can promise and do it, even he never know and whatever the ppls laughed.

    At the last, I has added ur msn be convenience for conversation. Just see u do mind or not.

    Have a nice day!

  • rsl

    well.......not all love can bear fruits.this is part of your journey in life.

  • Hi Wishes,

    Thanks for your agreement. 

    Please feel free to add me if u wish.

    Hi vtl,

    Thanks. A painful chapter in life!


  • RSL, I added already, just cannot see u online.  Does u can't online during working hours? 
    Btw, have a nice day and hope can see u there.


  • Hi Wishes,

    I checked and could not find any invitation to add.

    Could you send me an email so that I can add u. I can chat during office hour. Thanks.


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