Good music always moves one's emotion

  • I went to HK Sinfonietta's concert, Sounds Great 6, Summer Lovin', this afternoon.  HK Sinfonieta played 14 movie music.  These were the programs for the concert today:

    1. Overture from Westside Story

    2. Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz

    3. Cinema Paradiso

    4. The Way We Were

    5. Theme from Indecent Proposal

    6. Forrest Gump Suite

    7. Somewhere in Time

    8. Titanic Suite

    9. Prelude & Lara's Theme from Dr. Zhivago

    10. She featured in Notting Hill

    11. Yumeji's Theme featured in  In The Mood for Love (花樣年華)

    12. Unchained Melody featured in Ghost

    13. Tang, Por Una Cabeza featured in Scent of a Woman

    14. Taras Thme from Gone With The Wine

    Among them, I like "Over the Rainbow", Cinema Paradiso, Yumeji's theme featured in the "Mood for Love" and "Tango, Por Una Cabeza" featured in Scent of a Woman the most.   Especially for Over the Rainbow and Cinema Paradiso, my emotion was actually moved. They reminded me some good old memories.

    I'm a big fan of movie. While listening to the orchestra playing the pieces in live, the movies' scene  flashed in my mind.

    "Tango, Por Una Cabeza" and Yumeji's theme featured "in the Mood of Love" (花樣年華) were arranged as violin concerto. The concertmaster, i.e. the 1st violin principle, really did a very good job. He played so well in the solo. Audiance in the concert hall just clapped their hands non-stop.  Finally "Tango, Por Una Cabeza" was selected as one of the pieces in the encore section.

    Good music always moves one's emotion and I was moved in the two hour show....