lilly's good sharing for sisters in, thank you Lilly.

  • lilly replied at 2010-06-24 5:15 pm

    eddie replied at 2010-06-24 4:34 pm

    i am 36 married man

    he said he is 36 yrs old, but his voice is so young. so i ask him don't need to pretend, i also like to play with young guy, so he told me he is 27 yrs old, and we chat for a few sentence and he hanged up the phone. so impolite young guy.

    sisters, don't list out how old you are in the thread in order to avoid those silly boy to pretend to be mature.

    guys, pls don't complain again that we don't list out our exact age la, we just become more clever to play this game.

    so every good people hv fun here !
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  • I talked to that guy once,, he is stupid and rude boy.

  • 哈哈, 有趣!

  • i saw at other topic,he pretend he is 38yrs old, another one is 45yrs old, funny

  • how can he pretend to be so old?

    Won't he get found out when he finally meet you?

    Funny thing is, when is 45, he will need to pretend he is 27

  • haha... why need to pretend lei...

  • **

    some "she" guys are so sick ))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Haha... at 45 a guy should be proud he is as strong in bed as 25... but can last longer, please a woman more, and is more interested in the woman's pleasure than his own... :)

  • hey sisters, besides that silly boy, any other guys did some stupid thing or tell other lies, shall we share among sistes here in order to avoid and ALSO hv some teasing fun here?

  • one example as below: quote--The previous thread about a cheap and selfish guy "" was delected...

    what happen then? why is that? so weird...unquote----


    that guy is stupid and selfish. I learnt from other post that I should check the JJ size (a guy stated that he got a big JJ) of a guy in a coffee shop. It works and the "she" guy accept it when I requested the checking in coffee shop.

    Yeah... play hard and play smart !!

  • haha, i do wish someone will check my JJ, haha!

  • one more case:

    "Alex Luk is cheating girls to bed again in BE CAREFUL!!!" - for more details please refer to the sex board in

    any more case in, Let's put all the bad cases in this post as a summary.

  • push

  • I am a male. For those little boys, let me tell you something. If you need sex, go to portland street. You can get things done in 30min for only HKD300. DOnt try to screw around here. There is no mommy for you to pammer you.

    As well, try to be more mature. If you have nothing to do, dont ever try to do that here. If you are sick wtih your stupid mind, you can pick a hammer and hit hard on your fu cking head or your little fu cking dick

  • back off kids!! replied at 2010-06-28 11:16 pm

    You got a big "fire" wor, are you guy or gal?

  • moon replied at 2010-06-28 11:37 pm


    back off kids!! replied at 2010-06-28 11:16 pm

    You got a big "fire" wor, are you guy or gal?


    can't u see his first sentence? ^^

    "I'm a male"

  • oh yes... thks chebin.

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