Do u remember?

  • Yesterday was my puppy lover's birthday. Althought it was over many many years; I suddenly check over googles and facebook to search for her. However, can not find any news about her. 

    Any person will do as stupid as I did?

  • 都過去左, 就讓一切隨風啦~~

  • Yes ka. Suddenly remember it and recall it from memories.

  • 其實因為呢個人曾經深深印响你腦海中麻~~

  • well, puppy lover ma. It was stupid, pure and memorable. Didn't know how to handle a relationship and didn't know what I want at that time, so screw up.

    Time can change everyone and everything.

  • yes, I did the same thing as u years ago, I lost her contact.

  • 其實愛過已經好好, 未來再遇到既就要懂得珍惜~~

  • 我都試過:p


  • i did the same before. he was not my lover but we did have some sweet moment before. i also couldn't find anything about him from facebook. and i guess i will never meet him again.

  • Last time we met was many years ago and I knew she married and move to Europe.

    Wanna to share with you guys and gals. My fd got cancer and before he die he asked me to help him to find his puppy lover. I think in most people mind puppy love is so pure and make people memorize it.

    Well tomorrow is another day, party still goes on.

  • 但如你所, 人會變, 月會圓~~ 都過左咁多年, 好多野已非昨天的自己~~

  • Csls, yes ka. We change every min. However, history in our mind is subjective and we either remember all good time or all bad time. In our memories is mostly unchanged.

    Just a bit sentimental tonight jar, and express myself law.

    So how about ur puppy love?

  • sorry to hear ur friend's story

    my puppy love was actually not that special and i got no desire to meet him again. i only want to meet (or just know something about) him ... who was not my lover. i rejected him when he chased me many years ago. then he moved to canada and i met him once in canada. but afterwards i lost his contact.

    i still remember he wrote me poem, bought me flower on valentine's day ... he bought me a diamond ring (though a small one as he didn't have money at that time). but he didn't give the ring to me before he moved to canada. he only gave me the ring when i met him afterwards in canada. he said he got no more intention but just wanted to give me the ring because it was supposed for me. that's actually very sweet.

    really want to know something about him ... guess he should have married with lovely kids and a happy family.

  • 我既 puppy love, 已經封塵, 深深埋在自己既記憶中, 當然係一段美好既回憶啦~~

  • I can understand the how ur frd felt.

    puppy love could be sweet but also hurts one's heart.

  • Suddenly remember 周星馳戲內搞笑對白: 唉,我呢D浪子,邊有初戀架。

  • 喺facebook打我初戀情人個名, 真係搵到! 無connect做友人了,費事啦, 咁耐無聯絡。

    但係現在看到他profile picture 個樣, 佬左好多。。。。 hehehe

    其他mud mud 傷感feeling, 真係無。 只記起得,呢til友仔教我接吻。。。。 lip to lip, 喺當年還是情豆just open嗰時, 自己個小宇宙真係就快爆 喇喇喇喇!!!!


  • i just met her last month.......

  • CS Sbe, yes ka. Even we meet our puppy lover, sometimes the feeling is similar than meeting a stranger. I am at middle age, when we meet the puppy lover she married and have kids and also may look C9 too. However, just a memory and had a motivation to see an old frd.

    I still remember my first kiss, it was like a electicity passed from lip to whole body. However, up to now, I kissed so many women and cannot find this feeling again.