So difficult to find a good sl

  • I have been looking for a good sl for more than a year ... for sharing life, caring each others and spending some good times together ... I met a few guys before but didn't match ... no feeling and no magic.

    Recently I met one guy ... who actually is not handsome, not tall, not å??é?? (just average looking) ... but i do have some feeling on him and would like to develop something more with him.

    But he only treats me as sp ... no love involved at all. We do have good sex and I enjoy very much to make love with him. He is tactful and experienced.

    However, I do expect something more than sex. Should I accept such a relationship to enjoy good sex or should I try again to look for another guy who would like to share more with me?

  • aiya ... why no one answers me? Is my question too silly?

  • Or are there any ways to make this guy willing to be my sl instead of sp?

  • there is lots of SL out there...

  • try2 find out a guy who love sex and love u both la...

  • color, mind tell me how old r u?

  • color replied at 2010-05-27 1:34 pm


    Or are there any ways to make this guy willing to be my sl instead of sp?


    最緊要您同佢一齊開吾開心?始終男人就係咁架啦,起初會做好多野,目的都係因為性,之後得到了自然就吾會再做其他野,SL同正常關係一樣,都係會淡,會開心,會痛,好難抽離,even好多人都知game rules, 但最後都係會慘淡收場!

  • are u prostitute?

  • 好既SL係可遇不可求,而且SL到最後,最傷痛都可能係個女仔,可免則免啦~

  • prostitute? haha... you are funny.

  • 傻佬 replied at 2010-05-27 1:43 pm





  • Yes maybe it's true to have a good sp rather than a good sl ... less complicated. But really hope he can give me a little more care and a little more time.

  • color replied at 2010-05-27 1:47 pm


    Yes maybe it's true to have a good sp rather than a good sl ... less complicated. But really hope he can give me a little more care and a little more time.


    咁您咪試下冷淡對待佢,睇佢知吾知發生咩事,反正您吾會期望喺佢身上得到D咩,即係無左都無所謂!我唸您同SL或者SP一齊都係想多一點額外既快樂,予其您咁多worry同不滿既,一係走,一係find another one!

  • he will not change ga la, usually sp is sp.

    I suggest you may "ride on the cow and find the horse".

    once you get the match, then you may stop with him lor.

  • John, guess what you said is a good idea. But it's hard to meet a good sl or even a good sp. You know ... some guys perform very bad in bed but are still thinking they are good. But this guy ... hmmm ... is excellent.

    I am missing him after he left. I am not sure whether or not he knows that I want to develop something more with him. Maybe he just think I am just playing with him. I don't know whether I should let him know that or not. I am afraid I will scare him away if I do so.

  • no risk, no gain.

    or you accept current status la

    there is no perfect in this world, right?!

  • I agree, you are looking for SL or bf? If just SL, you cannot request too much, either let go or find one match

  • hi color


  • I want a sl not a sp. I know that. I want someone to share life and to spend some good times together, not just sex.

    I dun really know how to play this game actually. I am just unhappy at my present life so I want to find someone to give me some care.

    Yes ... guess he is not the right one.  If he does want something more with me, he should have done something for me. Guess he just wants to remain the current situation ... having good sex with me.

    He doesn't satisfy my mental need but he does satisfy my physical need. So I just not really know whether I should give him up right now. But I do feel a little bad as I find myself a little "cheap".

  • sl...可遇不可"求"

  • u need a BF more than a SL!

  • 我明你點諗, 但人地唔想or滿足唔到你, =佢唔係你想要既人

    keep佢唔係問題, 但唔愈fall愈深

  • color, take it easy,

    usually we are greedy, but not only you.

    life is already hard, and you want to be happier, so dun let this relationship make you more unhappy, right?!

  • i guess its always easier for gals to fall in love ... and with sl.. thats dangerous...

  • so should i continue or not?

    btw, i dun want a bf.

  • color, May i hv a chance to be yr sl??

  • why do u want to find more guys to have sex with them experience is not important..before u do this things u have to make it sure that he is the right guy for you!remember your body is not a toys,,,you must take care of it just for your husband..ok

  • color

    i guess the most important thing is not to get yourself hurt.. ask yourself do you really like him? then are you satisfy to be his sl? i mean, only you can answer these questions. life is short, "better short hurt then long hurt"

  • "face" or "feeling", which is better ??

    if you really want something more, then talk direct to him lor, I dun think he will be scared away if you still want have sex with him afterward.

    however, you may have preparation that you may feel sad about his answer.

  • John, thanks for your opinion. I got less confused.

  • color,

    some are good comments.

    i got similar experience, let us share more at mail.

    take care

  • color, you are always welcome, take care

  • color

    Finding a good sl is all depends on luck. I can say i would be able to good to my sl and won't consider sex as major, but I still not find a right one. It's really a matching game

  • hey. color.

    Can we be friend first ?

  • Hi, Colour. Why u so serious to find a SL more than a Close Friend. Or maybe you made the wrong method to communicate with them, just try to change your methods !!! Best Wish You Can Find Him ...

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  • colour

    Same as you , i has been looking for a SL for a long time, but it is quite difficult to find one.

    if you don't mind please add me to chat more i think i can give you somegood time and caring beside sex, my msn:


  • hi

    dunt u know good sex and skillful cooking both catch man?