would you marry a person who was an ex-prostitute or ex-gigolo ?

  • Let's say one day you fall in love with a person.  You went through courtship and that person is everything you wanted him/her to be. You decided to marry that person. Soon you recieved photos and leads that testify that person used to sell his/her body for sex.

    Now TRUTHFULLY, would you still love that person and willing to marry him/her? Think before you answer.  Tell only what is in your heart but not what you think is right.

  • Frankly, I don't think anyone can accept it. Even someone can, it will take them quite sometime. It is different that you knew before or just a sudden. For me, I really don't know.

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    I suppose casting a doubt is like saying no.:)

  • Everyone has their own past and to tell ALL sometimes may not be a good idea and cruel too letting the other half to know the truth.

    At what stage should one has to tell the other half of their seedy past? What if the relationships did not work out and what good does that do to that person having their secret being disclosed? Let's think of that person as yourself, would you like others to know some secrets which you want to put it behind you and get on with your new life?

    Back to the question of the original thread, it is very hard for me to give a simple yea or nah. Life is not only white or black, there is the grey area. Love is a beautiful thing which may conquer the feeling of betrayal, repulsive and the society bias.

  • shh

    I kind of agree with you. Love is not only about embracement but also about forgiveness. But here is the tricky part. One may forgive but can never forget. The ladder takes alot of embracement and therefore you will hear Bee Gees singing....How Deep Is Your Love......la la la.

    Back to part when you said everyone one has secrets to keep. Yes it's true that everyone should have a healthy boundary in a relationship and some pasts should be kept in the dark, as the saying goes we all have our skeletons in the closet. I know not from my experience but by others that the love between two person is so deep that one can't live to hide in the shadow while their relationship progresses. In other words a person can't live a lie because it hurts inside not telling the significant other the truth. It's like saying if you love me you will love me wholly the way I was, the way I am and the way I will be. Trust is the binding element and if I want to trust you, you will have to trust me.

    Enough said. This is just a very dramatic senerio. All in all I just know someone rather tell the truth then to live a life of lies. Perhaps some people are naive or honest enough to accept the consequences.

  • Prostitution is the oldest and long lasting job in the history of job market. Obviously when there is the need and there is the abundant supply too. Those many unaccountable persons whether willingly or unfortunately involve in this trade, now hopefully leading a completely new life. Did ALL of them tell the other halves of their seedy past? Definitely some but not all. We must not blame them for holding back and accept it is the right thing to do. Let the lying dog sleeps! For those who have the courage and confident to disclose, the other halves must feel the appreciation of the total trust.

    Btw, why must we always throw the blame on those who supply the service of prostitution? What about those who seek for this kind of service? Should these persons also hold some fault too and have the courage to voice out?

  • shhh replied at 2010-05-27 12:53 am

    What about those who seek for this kind of service? Should these persons also hold some fault too and have the courage to voice out


    Do you know how society tackle the problems with drugs ? It's a war they can't win so they do the opposite. Instead of pouring in resources to catch the suppliers they invest in campaigns to warn and even goes as far as catching the users.

    Now apply this rule. Instead of cracking down on prostitutions the government should past laws to penalize the customers. LOL yes ofcourse the responsiblity should be shared with the demands and supplies. But I think many men reading this thread would beg to differ. Hong Kong and many asian countries are quite chauvinistic after all.

  • Btw

    BEE GEE's How Deep Is Your Love, is always one of my favourite song. Just love the song and brings out the feeling of love.

    Imagine if this trade is to be exterminated, I think the men will be the first one to raise the hand up, most against such action. Men just want to play and pay with no string attached. I think this topic is unsolvable questionaire like an dead end street whichever way you look at it.

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  • 如果真係中意個男人, 我會叫佢去驗身, 我跟埋去, 如果驗到佢無病 會照結婚, 如果有就睇下有無得根治, 醫到果D就醫好先結, 如果佢唔肯配合, 咁我諗佢都唔愛我, 就唔要都罷.

    BTW, 如果佢無性病, 做過鴨D技術咪一流, 都几正 XD