what would you do?

  • I'd been separated with my ex for 2 months, i was hiding my feeling and my thought from him since then, i miss him so much recently, was thinking should i send him my regards? no other intention, just to tell him how i felt, do you think this is a good idea? what would you do if you were me?

  • 如果是我都好难选择 你仲爱他吗?

  • yes i still love him, just wanted to send him a letter and... i don't know... i tried to mail him 1 month ago, but he didn't reply

  • 如果是甘都可以既 既然你仲爱他 不过唔好话等他呀 bla bla bla 如果唔是他会觉得压力而再次唔理你 只是话他听你既感受 唔期望他会回复 可能甘样好d

  • we'd been broke up for 2 months, sending him a letter really a good idea? or it is not necessary anymore? im still struggling

  • 哎呀 通常呢d野 越念得多就越担心 唔好念甘多啦 想做就去做

    唔好因为自己爱他而觉得羞耻 其实甘样反而可以证明你既爱有几认真 虽然你唔会要求复合 只想他幸福开心 所以唔好再隐藏自己既感情 都已经分开 唔好再折磨自己啦 及早放低 可以更靠近下一个幸福 :-) 祝你开心幸福

  • u will forget him after 3 months........

  • haha i hope so

  • want a guarantee or speed up?