interested in history? Esp. in 偽滿 history??

  • Hi Hi

    Hi my name is Charmaine (HK) and I am wondering if any of you may be interested in a tour to 吉林?oslash;春 to explore 偽滿 history?? I LOVE history and would like to gather a few ?Oacute;同道合 people to explore history and go on an adventure?? Please let me know...coz none of my friends has the same spirit as me, so I want to see if any of you may be interested?!

    Please reply to this thread or email me at

    Who knows, we may all end up being good fds ; )


  • hi,

    why you like to travel to there ?

    you can read from history book for this.

    and 偽滿 not last for long ...

    suggest you to collect more information before just going there,

    I wonder all gone as 100 years ago ..

  • if you really go,

    you might by chance to collect information for :



    蘇聯, 朝鮮

    chat with me :

  • Hi Michael

    Thank you, are you interested in the tour or are you just trying to help me with information? I read some books, but kinda want to see the palace (or more like a mansion) myself and also heard there are still places with the Japanese tortures sites...just wanna be there to feel the history...

    mred replied at 2010-04-29 5:57 pm ----------------------------------------------------------------- if you really go,you might by chance to collect information for :��,����,��, ��chat with me : =================================================================

  • Hi Michael,

    Are you interested to go on the tour? Or are you just trying to help me to collect info? I read some books, but wanna go see the palace (mansion) and the places where Japanese tortured Chinese, heard some of the sites had not been destroyed by the time they left China (surrendered)...

  • ic,

    a little want to go but I always busy, need to arrange,


    are you male or female, age ?

  • I am female and in my 20's...u? Also, please try to get a few more people...I think that would be more interesting to have an adventurous group.