Can someone talk to me? Male. No sex, pure conversation to share my day

  • 有野咪講囉~

  • sleepless and will like to share my thoughts to someone i dun know

    i should be a happy man with what i have now but im really not

    seems like i cant talk to my close ones, words stay in my heart

  • 有咩野令你唔想同佢講?

  • im married with a beautiful daughter

    but recently i face 3 changes

    1. Starting my own business and under stress to bring in business

    2. Current job as employee is not enjoyable, seems like waiting for the day to pass everyday

    3. I fell in love with someone

    1. well once u start the business, u know, never easy to be a BOSS, esp ur own boss

      2) not many job is pay to ENJOY, u know, as my colleague said, when client scold me, remember i got my paycheck every month :P

      3) i think this is what u really want to talk about. and dun worry, it seems very common in

  • im not only wanted to talk about falling in love with someone

    im stressed but no way to de-stress

    sex is not everything, the mental stress is the pain

    im listening to music on youtube, my fav way to de-stres

    Listen to these

  • Talk8888 replied @ 2010-02-26 12:29 am

    im married with a beautiful daughter

    but recently i face 3 changes

    1. Starting my own business and under stress to bring in business

    2. Current job as employee is not enjoyable, seems like waiting for the day to pass everyday

    3. I fell in love with someone

    Can I help?

  • im not looking for solution or help

    i will want to talk to someone to share my load

    my job requires me to cover almost all aspects of the company but im not a boss

    also, the mental grill of breaking promise is killing me

  • listening is a way to help, do u understand?

  • man: great, thanks

    im in a very confused position now

    im employed but i started a new business with my employers now

    there is another new venture that im working on in Shanghai but i need to leave my job to work in SH and this venture is without my current boss

    do u understand?

  • yes

  • im undergoing the ordeal of facing my boss/business partnet yet not able to tell him im leaving soon

    i played soccer last night, work out so hard to put away my problems

    legs felt like jelly today

  • can u leave ur job for u new business? can u financially support ur family and the new business at this stage?

    playing soccer is good way, i also work so hard in my class tonight.

    Love to sweat.

  • it's just a way to 'escape', but, no way

  • maybe take away the stress and too much thinking from his brain for a while.....and sometimes after u sweat....u might have some new thought.

  • i will play golf at range in cheung sha wan at lunch time tomorrow

    finance is another problem, most of my money in the new business

    cant sleep now, pls listen to this if u can. its nice

  • wanna meet then, in CSW, as I am nearby

    how about a drink, fi not lunch together?

  • not really - i will be with my friend at csw

    not looking to meet anyone, no offence, just wanted to talk

  • You need something positive :)

  • it's OK

    here or over phone?

  • kate: ms leung is my fav singer, she is from malaysia

    this is another video that i like

    man: here will do, thanks for listening

  • my pleasure

  • I need to sing K.

  • i like music

    there is a event that my new company is arranging, i will invite a live band to play that night - nice way to enjoy great music

    do u both like music? or live band?

  • Kate replied @ 2010-02-26 1:06 am

    I need to sing K.


  • the problem w me is that i like to listen to songs but i cant sing

  • man,

    not now la, but need to plan one.


    this is not a problem at all :)

    u can always listen to some other ppl sing :)


  • yah - i always listen only never sing

  • hi all,

    Sorry for that im badly in English and thats why i would to choose typing in Chinese words as follow, really hopu u guys dont mind!


    個人很衰的意見, 你可先把生意當作最壞打算,然後,去衡量和評估在最差的情況下,你可以做什?? 你損失有幾多? 重頭開始的話;你能承受幾? 答完後,你又想想還有什?可怕,如你能承受。



  • SW:

    thanks for the advice

    the most 可怕的 = failure

    i can understand chinese as i learnt chinese in school (not china)

  • less and less people connected on my fb now

    all going to sleep while im fully awake

    music keeps me awake - listening to private corner now

  • Talk

    Thats really good to hear that u understood for my point of view.

    But really sorry for that i need to take a shower first as i just off work now.

    Its really glad to chat with u and just see will u still here while im done a shower. :p


  • no problem

    what is ur job? why work till so late?

    I work on a 9 to 6pm job but time is very flexible as im in senior post

  • Sorry talk,

    im back fm done a showe, are u still here?

    well, im not offen to work so late as just finical year ended for the company recently, thats why we would work that late.:p and i work in account post in this normal small office.

  • 我都係返9am-6pm,但唔可以彈性上班


  • hi Rosy and S. Woman...

    can we have a nice phone chat right now?

    Sleepless... moody......

    hope we can have the chance......

    waiting for you lar!

  • hello people

  • hi rose and hi gals.

    Its real glad to chat in msn owith u guys here. But i m so Sorry for that i feeling ver tried and sleepy now.

    hi gals,

    I really dont mind to chatting with u in msn. But really Sorry for that i felt sleepy now, i would add u in my msn list when i work on tmr.

    good nite to all u guys! ^^

  • Talk8888 ,





  • Please add me

  • Talk8888 系男人来噶...唔系咩?

    you said you are a "happy MAN with a beautiful daughter" ah ma... hahahahahaha

    anyway...where you met this new woman that you fell in love with? actually, it doesnt even really matter, i strongly suggest you just treat like a dream and stay with your family....just put yourself in your wife's shoes.. what will happen if one day, this new woman leaves you just like the way you leave your wife now?.. then you will regret ever breaking up YOUR OWN FAMILY

    as for business... well, economy's bad right now, you said you are not the boss but somehow you have to do everything? including the boss' work? why would you do that? you are wasting your time...

    if you want to talk more, feel free to leave more details.. but right now the way i see it, you are creating yourself some very unnecessary stress