Female in banking feel lonely wanna find msn chat fd! FRIENDSHIP ONLY!

  • Working in financial firms...Slim and sweet looking / Smart thought...

    Feel lonely....wanna make friends whom could kill lonely time together online...

    Female or Male both are welcom....

    NO interest in SL / SP / SEX relationship. Thanks!

    My msn: beauty_gal2010@hotmail.com

  • will sms chat an option?

  • Hi M,


  • that's fine. msn is the only channel?

  • yup

  • i am thinking if email is another option.

    thanks anyway :-)

  • If you are so keen in only making frienships online, why would you want to describe yourself as "slim and sweet looking" ??!!

    Please practice what you preach.......

  • Hypocrite,

    do you always put things in dirty way?

    in my opion, the appereance and wisdom are also important for people to consider whether to make friend or not....

    btw, i also mentioned I AM SMART GAL...VERY SMART...pls keep in mind...

    an intelligent gal...not silly to be fooled

  • the appereance and wisdom are also important for people to consider whether to make friend or not....

    I don't think people take appeareance into account if just making friends.

    for me, considering making friend just depends on whehter he/she is funny or not.

    -- my two cents

  • Typical HK gal would advertise themselves revolving around appearances to justify their egos.

    If you are really smart you wouldn't even want to argue with my point thus it proves again how shallow you really are.

    If you think being slim and good looking would buy you friends, it's completely an oxymoron statement to link with your ethos of "NO interest in SL / SP / SEX relationship."

    You make me laugh

  • hi nice to meet you

    friendship, sure why not

    my msn is half-day-half-night@hotmail.com

    feel free to add to chat

  • You got that right sakuragi !! now I would give you credit for true wisdom. my 3 cents worth

  • be frank, "friendship" ties with physical appearance.

    but "true friendship" ties with those have common interest, topics and insight on things/life. physical appearance "could" be a start, but sure not the only/important for true friendship. imho.

  • sakuragi,

    thanks to share your value for making friends...its should be true friendship out of pure mind...that's very nice...i do appreciate that.

    but, i just expressed my view honestly...as i followed my value.

    TO ALL,

    Please dont add my msn if you wanna find GAL FD or DATE OUT or anything related to love or romantic relationship...

    Welcome all those who have wisdom to exchange mind to share values on anything...

    GALS are warmly welcome...Sincerely

  • upload your photo, i dont know u are pretty or not

  • Slim and sweet looking / Smart thought...

  • Let me wrap this up:

    The Host beauty gal says she is "Slim and sweet looking" but not in search for SL / SP / SEX relationship. She claims to be smart and full of wisdom but made explicitly appearances should be one of the major factors to make genuine friends online chuckle.

    She self proclaimed to be full of wisdom smirk that she could not be easily " fooled ". ~whatever that meant~

    Sorry but I can't stop laughting. The word schizo came out of my mind

  • beautygal,




  • hypocrite or sakuraki or bothside,

    please keep away, okay! why you chase me so hard? is the slim and sweet looking offend u? or no sex offend u?

    its a free world! to ask for anything u r interested in...if u wanna sex...ask for that directly...but, no need to twisted other ppls mind into the way you are thinking....

    its so dirty even a crime to manipulate and misunderstand others in the way like u

  • that gal is really crazy

    she dont know why she open his thread at all

    daxn it !!

  • i understand her...

    u all dirty dogs cant.

  • Can old guy join the chat?

  • please introduce something about yourself a bit here and leave msn here. i will add u. thanks all.

  • welcome all those with wisdom to exchange mind

    but please keep away if for free sex

  • Hi beautygal,

    i am 31 yrs old

    Hobbies are:


    Listening to jazz music,


    Drinking wine (once awhile),

    Window shopping,

    Also watch dramas and others.

    Nice to meet you

  • nice to meet u, hdhn. your msn?

  • hi, i am 27, working in administration filed, and just added you in msn, may we chat there? thank you

  • beautygal ,





  • beautygal,

    add 左你

  • 你地唔好咁啦



  • beautygal, can i join chatting in here?

    i am looking for a good chatmate to kill my boring time too, haha

  • I don't see any problem to made such description.

    may be it's just we girls' though (or just my though), I'm a girl n not looking for any love/sex stuffs right now, but I won't close the door for furture if I want a bf out there. surly pretty girl has more chance to attract quality guys, so it's nothing wrong to tell u I'm pretty if that's the truth.

    the truth is: it works for me even I'm a girl, I'd like to add the host coz I'm not going to get the sex or love from her but just chat.

  • Hypocrite,

    I am also kind of curious of what you've said. You seem to have a problem with people putting the phrase "slim and sweet looking" together with "no SL/SP/sex relationship".

    Honestly I don't see anything wrong with it. They are not opposite propositions or statements.

    Some people do think that they are slim and sweet looking, and at the same time they don't want to engage in any topics relating to sex.

    So from what you didn't like, you think she shouldn't mention "slim and sweet looking" if all she wants is to have friends chatting over some general topics, whereas if she uses the phrase "slim and sweet looking", it automatically means that she wants sex?

    Or was it just your stereotypical way of misunderstanding / seeing people?

    Just don't understand why you seem to get so offended when she said she is slim and sweet looking AND she doesn't want to have SL/SP, etc.

  • i have added u..please check check!!

  • mind to let me know if you have a bloomberg account? if so, may be we can talk much more freely

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