sexual fantasies

  • boring in the office. Anyone would like to share his/her sexual fantasies?

  • deep throat and cum

  • deep,

    Does your gf or sp let u deep throat?

  • deep throat and cum is a sexual fantasy?

    You need to get more action.

    For me it's probably being played with by 15 sexually curious schoolgirls

  • having 2 or more bi girls playing with me and themselves is always fun too

  • frank,

    hehe, mine is similar to yours - except i prefer to have 2 or more sexy handsome guys playing with me since i am a straight girl :p

  • well, thats not hard to fulfill that fantasy

    I'm sure if u give the word, they will be lining up for u

  • hi aa74

    yr sexual fantasies is easy to come true if u r really looking for. wish yr dream comes true in this new year then !!

  • Not really.

    My targets are two handsome colleuages in my company. I don't think it will come true. It is just my fantasy :)

  • that's my fantasy...

    and regarding playing with two handsome guys, maybe i can help ^^

  • aa74

    r they gay??? if not try to flirt w/them and give out some signal u wanna try this great moment.

    might be work out somethg. who knows !!

    may be they are focus on u at the same time !!! hehe

  • Frankly i miss MFF this fantasy again.sometimes... great sex & wonderful moment

  • carry out,

    no. they are not gay.

    However, all 3 of us are MARRIED.

    This is the problem. And this is why i said it is just my own fantasy.

  • I guess if it's 2 specific guys you are after then it is a proper fantasy.

    2 collegues is also a problem, if u have to face them the next day I doubt that you can continue a proper working relationship.

  • aa74

    think is good combination.....all of u are married.& it is just for fun & excitement.

    u able make yr dreams comes true.....fabulous !! test them 1st ma !!

    but ppls afraid to let fantasy turn to real soemtimes & i understand.

  • 1 time i sat in between them during a meeting, i could not even focus to the meeting ;p


    yes, true. If it really happens, 3 of us may not have a proper working relationship - unless we all understand well what we are looking for.

  • on the other hand, if 3 of u are clicked & well co-ordinate

    may be increase the working efficiency & relationship too !! :P

  • carry out,

    yes, i have thought of it too. THinking about it is one thing, but if you put it to reality, it will be another problem.

    They both like talk to me. But that does not mean they really want something happen, right? And to be honest, even if you put all 3 of us in a room, i would still have too much other concern to really have sex with them....

    i am just a stupid c9 :P

  • carry out,

    hehe, i like that 'well co-ordinate'... ;p

  • I'm sure if anything happens then they would understand that it's for fun only.

    But men are strange creatures, they can act very differently to women they have had sex with.

    If you guys are alone alot, then you could have drinks and see where it leads.

    Quite frankly, the fact that you are all married makes everything so much easier

  • frank,

    yes, i got your point. But having an affair is my main concern. I did fool around a lot before i married. But i have not had affair since i got married.

    This is why i said i have lot of concerns.

  • aa74

    yes totally agreed w/ u. that's y we need some kind of platform likes here.released our own desire & darkside out.

    i dont know least i will trying do somethg in right time......testing them & get a answer which matching own fantasies.

    dont say yrself is stupid c9.may be u r the sexy mature married lady who likes sex & know how to enjoy sex :P

  • I like the fact that even though we are discussing sexual fantasies, there are still people here who want to flatter and get "something" out of the discussion.

    I tend to look at affairs as an engagement of the heart. But an engagement of the flesh I don't consider as an affair.

    Of course I can be so cavaliar because I'm not your husband.

  • mmmm...dont makes too much concern sometime. it makes everythg in a same step... we needs "change" to get a chance even as same as USA.

    o/c try flirting 1st & c any chance to success

    pls dont mind i m a devil in mind always

  • 's me

    mmmm...dont makes too much concern sometime. it makes everythg in a same step... we needs "change" to get a chance even as same as USA.

    o/c try flirting 1st & c any chance to success

    pls dont mind i m a devil in mind always

  • hmmmm

    very dubious double post there

    i think someone just got found out

    I guess pretending to be a woman with 2 co-workers is also a fantasy

  • affair...??? is it too serious for fantasies???

    may be think u r the card hobby...may help to release yr concern.

    but may u feel it is unfair game for lady 1 day !! feel uncomfortable at the end.

    then think am i a free lunch???..babababa

    but bare in mind u get wht u want & happy awhile !! :P

  • hahhaa

    some1 is thinking too much.just a simple wrong typo......nothing pretending....cheers !!

  • I have an idea....u give me their msn and i add them, tell them i need guys to play mmmmf with a gal (of course they dont know it's u)

  • aa74 ,





  • rough sex back of the stairs

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