All gal who want to find bf... beware of a guy "Vincent"

  • All gals, pls beware of this "play boy" -  Vincent

    Age:  30's (suppose around 33-35)

    Height: about 180cm

    Worked at finance field, worked @ EY before, got lots of MSN account, like:

    he still got few more account... not difficult to find out who is he....

    This guy always said himself got no gf, and said he want "serious" relationship.

    Which his "serious" means:  sex only

    He will show how he is caring about you, how "small heart" that he is

    But you can find that he is just a guy who is looking for sex partner

    He got lots of sex partners. beware he may got "sick" or even "AIDS"

    Hope gals here dun hv "sex" with this really fuxking guy

    If you want to take a look/ know more of this guy, go to:

  • i talked to him in msn once, but he didnt lie about his intention for a SL, not a gf because he is attached.

  • My fd & I both added him during different time.

    Both of us added his different accounts, we found out he's the same person. He asked both of us to be his gf... he said he got no gf...

    once he found you're his chance... he started to show his real face...

    Found a post, he said that he's about to marry...

    What a fuxking guy

  • 我一叫佢小心有愛滋,佢即刻OFFLINE,我懷疑佢即刻BLOCK左我

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