Looking for a decent lady for serious relationship..... I am a mature, kind hearted person with good

  • I am an educated, matured 30s guy with good personality and appearance

    Have been trying to locate my Ms. Right for years. However, it seems that it is difficult to meet her although I have lots of friends. I would like to give a try here and see if I am lucky enough. 

    To save our time on the mix and match process, I would like to provide my brief details and also my requirement on my gf:

    Something about myself:

    - Master degree, working in western culture biz environment for years

    - Travelling in Asia Pacific for business, now working as an enterpreuer

    - Kind hearted with nice personality

    - Mature with positive mindset, have a sense of humor

    - 5'8 tall, medium build with good appearance

    I wish you are:

    - Overseas University graduated

    - Willing to communicate well in a relationship

    - Kind hearted with nice characters

    - 164cm (5'4) tall or above with good appearance

    • Overseas University graduated

  • hi ob

    You studied in HK?

  • yep, studied in hk

  • So do I. What kind of subject did u study?

    Why stay up late?

  • what if i never been into uni.?

  • What's ur job now?

  • project admin

  • morning... everyone

  • If any nice lady really fulfill my requirement, and is looking for a serious relationship. You are welcome to add my msn sken117@yahoo.com.hk

  • Am i still under your consideration? hahaha

  • why you want ur gf is oversea uni grad? does it guarantee some quality?

    actually I'm not looking for trouble, indeed I wanna know why I want my bf is oversea grad too.. It seems not relevent to a relationship but I just want, so try to find out an answer..

  • Hi kent

    nice to meet you , are you still to here now

    shall we chatting on msn now 

  • so

    Thanks for leaving me message. Since I have been travelling around for business, and always work with westerners, Chinese etc. My vision is quite international and I wish my gf is having similar mentality with me so that we can share opinion in same level. How about you?


    You may add me in my msn sken117@yahoo.com.hk if you are interested to chat with me.

  • opsssss...... I am definitely failed!!!

  • Hi Ob

    It's just mix and match. Nevermind.

  • hahaha... funny!

  • hi kent

    stay home this evening?

    I finished my highschool study overseas but too bad i didnt finish the uni there, hope u dun mind

  • Hi Grace

    Yes, for a leisure one.

    Why dun u continue your study there?

  • Kent, have u met any nice girl before?

  • oh fail..

    i am pretty girl, big eyes, high nose, long hair, 5'5, 110, 34C, 24, 34, kind heart, lovely

    but only F.7

  • Hi Cat

    Unfortunately I haven't meet any nice gal here yet.


    Sorry that u can't meet my requirement. Wish you luck.

  • 你咩料呀, 你要求仲高過D大有錢佬,劉聯紅呀, 李潭佳呀, 你食屎啦

  • Sorry that if I offenced anyone, I don't really meant that.

  • Kent,

    may sound abit crazy, but I missed my family so much and dun want to stay there..

    and now I wish I didnt make that decision

    just curious, only those graduated from overseas can be the candidates?

  • if the relationship a criteria based one, i dont think girl can count on this guy. this is a so calculative

  • Grace

    You mean your families are not in HK?

    To be more accurate, I prefer gal with overseas/international exposure/vision.

    Pink bear

    Thank you for your msg. In fact, I am a person that "calculate" this ant that.... the reason why I have this preference is based on better communication.

  • Kent

    I can understand yr point, and agree with that, cos its much more easier to communicate

    and I do believe that overseas expeerience can 'open up' ppl's mind to be more mature n advance

    They r all in HK and I missed them so much when I was overseas

  • 唔懂律絕詩的我(因為真的只識得鈔詩),想尋找潛在情人。


  • Grace

    So you are now in HK with your families. That's good.

    What's your profession?

  • that shows us you're shallow, i'm sorry to say.

    who said only overseas educated are more open-minded than local educated?

    if you love someone, you will then love her, doesnt matter where did she receive her education. you are not looking for love, but you are looking for a merchandize

  • 唔懂律絕詩的我(因為真的只識得鈔詩),想尋找潛在情人。


  • Pink Bear

    It's not quite fair for you to judge say someone is "swallow". Having saying that, you show you are not mature enough.

    What is right? and what is wrong? There is no definite answer. I respect everyone, and I hope you may know how to respect people too.

    As I mentioned before, I prefer gal with overseas exposure / international vision. I am not saying that local universities not quality enough. Perhaps my point twigger your nerve? if so, I appologize.

  • 唔懂律絕詩的我(因為真的只識得鈔詩),想尋找潛在情人。


  • i guess everyone could see who's being immature.

    swallow is a simple word, it's only a word and up to you to give it the meaning. you take it personal and take it a negative way, that's your problem. and you let us see one more of your personality, you cant stay calm and you tend to provoke another after listening to comments. hmmm.... not me who is being triggered, obviously.

    good luck in your search.

    i was trying to remind you, setting such kind of criteria wont ensure you a good partner.

  • btw, I never get into the uni. oversea

    but I worked in UK for some years b4, keke

    pink bear, i like your wording..cheers!

  • No offence but guess we dun need to be so harsh on others.

    why not just leave yr comment and let go? dun hv to put yrself into this so-called 'mess' for any longer.

    its just a place to share n better to hv it in a peaceful way.


    Im just a small potato in a company, but my boss n my work could be quite harsh sometimes..   :(

  • diu what a loser here! overseas education means nothing now in hk. might hit 99 out 100 people in central with overseas degree. BIG DEAL!! master fm where... diu?

  • 2 on 9 ppls here... kent and cheap grace...

  • Hi Kent, guess I understand what you said and why you want someone with overseas exposure. I would like to know more about you and will send you an email to start our communication.

  • Pink Bear

    I like your words!

  • Too many question marks here...

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